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Pisces Love 2018

Pisces, you’re the hopeless romantic of the Zodiac. You are susceptible to flattery and can easily be taken in by your belief in the sincerity of another. This gullibility leaves you wide open to hurt and suffering. The first thing to learn is not to be a doormat and the second is when to cut the umbilical cord. Ideally you need someone who appreciates your imaginative side, but makes you deal with the here and now.This person, then,should be practical, logical, and sensitive.
You are most compatible with a caring Cancer. The two of you will share many passionate moments. An intense Scorpio dissolves your inhibitions and leads you to ecstatic love-making. With Virgo, sex is secondary to productivity and efficiency. You’ll learn to be a functional human being with this one! Sagittarius may be too candid for your vulnerable exterior and Gemini is too scattered for you to derive any type of long-lasting satisfaction. Another Pisces can be mushy, sweet, and loving, but watch a tendency for indulgences to lead to a slovenly existence. Aries is too abrasive and leaves you in a constant state of tension. Libra can be kind and considerate and the two of you bring out the beauty in each other. Aquarius is a bit too intellectual and rational for your dreamy nature. With Leo you share a love of partying and all the elegant things in life. But your emotions get ignited too often by Leo’s dramatic displays. A practical Taurus, seems ideal. You’ll compliment each other while building toward a sound future. Capricorn also offers promise as a mate. You’ll learn the value of hard work while teaching Capricorn to have a little fun in life.
Jupiter in your sign, beginning in late February,brings you confidence, optimism, luck and charm. There’s no excuse not to attract fun loving, adventurous types into your sphere. A liberal Sagittarius or street-wise Scorpio could come on the scene this year. Your best times for romance are February 12 – March 8, May 21 – June 15. and July 11 – August 7. From October 15 – November 25, someone you met on a trip, possibly a foreigner, could return to your life!

Pisces Money 2018

A lackadaisical attitude toward money can make you behind on bill paying. Sloppy bookkeeping can also distort the financial picture. On the positive side, Pisces, your well developed sixth sense can put you in touch with riches by being in the right place at the right time. If you find you’re one of those Pisces who prefers to ignore the paperwork of finances, enlist the aid of a shrewd Aries or honest Libra to lend a hand and get you out of financial confusion.
Ideally, you want balance in financial dealings. You’ll have some money in the bank, some coming in on a regular basis and some invested in predictable commodities. You feel, and justifiably so, if you cover all bases you’ll never run short of cash. So for all your so called wool gathering you can do pretty well with investments because of your ability to spread out your wealth.
Jupiter enters your sign on February 20 bringing luck, optimism, and confidence. This new wave of good fortune can pay off in dollars. A long lost relative can leave you a legacy or out-of-state investments can hit it big from mid-October to the end of the year.
Ask others for help or increases on January 3, 4, 30, 31, February 26, 27, March 26, 27, April 22, 23, May 19, 20, June 16, 17, July 13, 14, August 9, 10, September 5-7, October 3, 4, 30, 31, November 27, 28, and December 24, 25.
If looking to buy and sell do it on January 16, 17, February 12, 13, March 11-13, April 8, 9, May 5, 6, June 1, 2, 28-30, July 26, 27, August 22, 23, September 18-20, October 16, 17, November 12, 13, and December 9-1 1. You are more assertive when it comes to funds on these dates and that can mean a bigger profit.
When Mars retrogrades from June 8 – August 12, financial errors are likely. If contemplating major expenditures, scrutinize them carefully. Be especially wary of friends who come up with quick money-making ventures. The chance of these schemes working out are almost nil. A financial crisis may erupt near October 17. Impulsive action invites a wrong decision.

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