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Sagittarius Love 2018

You’re a hopeless romantic looking for the perfect relationship, one that provides you with enormous freedom. The secret to keeping you interested is to give you free rein, then and only then, do you stay faithful to your partner. Since you’re a fun loving, anything goes type of person, you are looking for someone equally carefree to share your adventures. You prefer an outdoor type, with a sense of humor, who laughs at life’s adversities but has a profound sense of the nature of reality.
You get along best with a pioneering Aries who shares your enthusiasm for animals, athletics, and nature. A magnanimous Leo is a good match, too, being a highly charged relationship that brings out the creativity in both of you. There are many joys and delights with Gemini and if you keep each other guessing it just may last! Pisces is too emotional and pessimistic for your blood. Virgo is too much of a stick-in-the-mud. These last two are probably the most challenging for you. You can get along well with another Sagittarius, as long as you work on the same projects and share your time together.

A Capricorn will anchor you, something you need from time to time, but boredom sets in if Capricorn becomes too rooted. Cancer is a bit too smothering for you and Scorpio, too possessive and demanding. Taurus may be too practical and cautious for your exploratory nature. An intellectual Aquarius is quite compatible, you can spend hours in discussion, and you’ll enjoy the social side of life thanks to an artistic Libra. Both Libra and Aquarius are ranked as highly compatible.
The best romance dates are March 9 – April 2, April 26 -May 21, and June 15 – July 11. The Lunar Eclipse of Oct. 17 brings an intense romantic exchange. For reasons known only to yourself, you may wish to keep this affair private until you can assess your feelings.
With Saturn and Uranus in Sag, the focus is on you, not relationships. This may not be the best year for marriage, especially from Feb. 2 – March 28. Many of you will get unmarried, instead!

Sagittarius Money 2018

You either make a great deal of money or you don’t make much and don’t care to. With lucky Jupiter as your ruling planet, you can have financial windfalls if the rest of your horoscope supports this. Never one to deal well with limitations imposed upon you, you spend, spend, spend. In 2018, however, with Saturn making its once in 28 year visit to your sign, you are more responsible toward personal finances, as maturity sets in.
You will learn this year that you have to be financially self-reliant. You cannot depend on others for handouts. You’ll get exactly what you earn. This point is well-made in Feb., March and Dec. The whole purpose of this cycle is to get you to take responsibility for the material side of life. If you have over-committed yourself, it will catch up with you; if you have lived up to your commitments, there are untold rewards.

Confusion and deception are likely from April 6-9. You could be swindled or something valuable may be taken from you. Real estate matters are challenging in June and December. You may have to spend more than you budgeted. Use discrimination in financial deals from June 6 – 9 when Mars retrogrades in your money house. Don’t make purchases you don’t want or have no practical use for or you’ll be returning them.
Other people may help you financially if you ask on January 23, 24, Feb. 19-21, March 19-20, ApriJ 15, 16, May 12-14, June 8-10, July 6, 7, Aug. 2,3,30, 3 1, and Sept. 26, 27,Oct. 23, 24, Nov. 19-21, and Dec. 17, 18.

Buying and selling can bring a better profit if done on January 9, 10, Feb. 5, 6, March 4-6, April 28, 29, May 25, 26, June 22, 23, July 19, 20, Aug. 16, 17, Sept. 12, 13, Oct. 9, 10, Nov. 6, 7, and Dec. 3, 4.
The period from July 7-21 can be financially trying, but remember you’re not a lucky Sag for nothing. A positive attitude is the first step in coping with a difficult situation. The second step is to confront the situation and take action to modify it. The third is to prevent it from happening again!

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