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Horoscope Aquarius 2019

Predictions and Astrology Aquarius 2019

2019 is the year to expand upon the stable base you've been struggling to create for the last two years. You may feel more willing to take a few more risks, within limits.

It's time to make the most of your resources, and to eliminate false values which have kept you locked behind a facade which may have become woefully inadequate. Your real values emerge as a true test of your self-worth, and reflect qualities which are comfortable and supportive of your personal identity.

You may be ready to expand both the opportunities and challenges afforded by your career path, and may find that maintaining a balance between your personal and professional life is a bit of a struggle. Jupiter's transit in Scorpio this year energizes your Solar Tenth House, opening the doors to greater recognition, but also to increased ambition. As you gain greater influence during this time, remain aware of the manner in which you're responding to others in your environment.

Used well, this time can become a period of increased influence, but you can also allow your ego to become too involved and may alienate those you've left on the lower rung of the ladder. To make the best use of this cycle, stay in touch with your real limitations, since there will be times you may feel that you don't have any! Certainly it's important to reach beyond your current circumstance, but only so far as your grasp will allow without toppling your stability.

Uranus and Neptune are separating from their exact conjunction which played such an important role during the last year. But these two planets are still travelling near the same degree of the zodiac. Since Uranus is your planetary ruler, this cycle has had a particularly influential role in your life, and you can still tap into that sense of feeling more closely in touch with the collective consciousness.

The time you spend doing inner work is especially important this year, since the doorways to enhanced levels of awareness are still beckoning. On a practical level, you can still utilize this energy to help you release old emotional attachments and move into more freely expressive life experiences.

The Solar Eclipses during 2019 accentuate your need to adjust the balance between your personal needs and your professional growth. You're also breaking away from many of the old traditions which formed the basis of your stability, and may be creating pathways which are unique to your life experience.

Sometimes, such a cycle will help to illuminate your need to get back in touch with those roots that you've so rebelliously shunned in order to become more fully aware of your sense of wholeness. You may not need to go back to the past and stay there, but instead may need to simply acknowledge where you've been.

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