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Horoscope Aries 2019

Predictions and Astrology Aries 2019

Your most intensive feeling this year may be one of a need to complete those unfinished projects. It's as though you're standing at the tip of the iceberg, knowing there's a new direction, but not quite certain of all the exact details. The expansion of last year may have left you feeling that there was just not enough time to get everything done, but now you can concentrate more on the specifics and make some adjustments.

While Saturn begins its transit of your Solar 12th House, you may also be experiencing the release of many situations from your past which are no longer relevant. Look for a stronger incorporation of the spiritual in your everyday life, bringing the spiritual element into a practical focus.

This is a maturing phase, and you're reviewing both accomplishments and failures. It may be time to let go of the people and situations which have supported you in the past, especially if it's time to stand on your own. But the temptation to keep using those outworn crutches can overwhelm you through the emergence of old fears. Examine fears to discover their source, and then marshal your courage to deal with them directly. You'll be tossing those cumbersome crutches in no time!

Jupiter's transit in Scorpio lasts until December 9, and can encourage your growth in areas that are not entirely comfortable, but which are necessary. It's time to look beneath the surface and deal with many of the underlying issues that have blocked your progress in the past. You may find that there are many people who are both willing and capable of helping you reach your goals.

In fact, by cooperatively utilizing the resources and energy of others, you may find that you can each accomplish more than you could as individuals. This is an excellent time to improve your health through greater attention to your own attitudes toward your physical needs.

And it's also an important year for improvement in your personal relationships—a time when a deeper level of intimacy can bring the type of connection you've avoided out of fear or self-doubt. You may find that the barriers blocking your needs for a deepening of intimacy are finally ready to fall away.

Spiritually, 2019 is a year of addressing your needs to understand the experiences of healing and transformation. It's time to embrace your own worth, and open to a deeper sense of love and compassion. While the Solar Eclipses in May and November emphasize issues of self-worth, you may also find yourself taking a closer look at your attitudes toward the material side of life.

You can be both spiritually aware and financially successful! Take a good look at the level of your attachment to the things you own and the people you love Aries. There may be contrasts you hadn't seen before.

With Chiron traveling through your Solar 6th House, you may also find a renewed interest in self-improvement. Even your work can become a form of positive therapy! Replenish your sense of passion and compassion through exercising greater care and concern for others and for yourself.

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