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Horoscope Cancer 2019

Predictions and Astrology Cancer 2019

Although you're continuing to make wide-ranging changes, the opportunities to expand your influence are balanced with a strong sense of personal stability during the last year. While humanity continues to reshape many philosophical and political attitudes, you may be searching for a safe place to rest and reevaluate your own positions. Some of your best possibilities arise from a quickening of your personal creativity, which can make a significant difference in the level of your success throughout the year.

Friends may play an important part, even in the context of your career. It's important to look at the people you've included in your circle of friends and associates, since you may find some of these relationships inappropriate following the changes you've made in the past. All relationships continue to provide an excellent backdrop for your personal growth, and you may feel that you're challenged to change many of your expectations of others. This begins with a look at your own expectations for yourself, since holding the mirror up to someone else rarely reflects your own personal truth.

The eclipses during this year emphasize your need to develop your self-expression through intimate relationships, personal creativity, and sharing of unconditional love. You're challenged to look toward your hopes for the future without losing track of the sanctity of the present. Of course, you're always interested in finding the best ways to incorporate what you've experienced in the past with the path you're currently following, and this cycle is no exception.

But you may find, after introspection and deeper consideration of your future plans, that you need to let go of some elements of your past in order to move into the full light of the present. Not only are you taking a closer look at the larger picture, but you're also discovering how readily you can allow others to give their energy and support to you. Loving involves a flow of energy, with the release of giving and the opening of acceptance. It's time to feel that flow in its fullest measure in every aspect of your life.

Jupiter's transit in Scorpio works in supportive trine to your Sun this year, and encourages an improved sense of optimism. You're in the midst of a period of enhanced creative inspiration and may feel more open about sharing your talents with the rest of the world.

Self-promotion or finding the right person to act as your agent can easily expand your possibilities for success. If you're oriented toward family and children, you may find that they provide some of your most precious moments this year. In fact, this is a great time to add to your family or to support the development of your children's talents. An element of self-indulgence often accompanies this cycle, and it's important to keep your priorities in order to avoid wasting your energy or resources.

Saturn enters Pisces at the end of January, and will be transiting through your Solar 9th House for two more years. The timing of the exact trine to your Sun is determined by your specific birth date and time, but you'll still feel the support of this cycle throughout the next two years.

You must make choices under this influence, but you may find that the choices are less disturbing than those you've faced in the past. This cycle represents a period of personal integration and a strengthened self-concept and can be the stabilizing force which allows you to carry your personal responsibilities more easily.

If you are willing to be held accountable for your own efforts, you can find this a rewarding period with greater advancement and more profound influence in your community or work situation. During the year, build a bridge between the mundane and Divine aspects of your life, and feel more profoundly connected to the functioning of the Universal Laws.

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