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Horoscope Capricorn 2019

Predictions and Astrology Capricorn 2019

Even though you've had to keep your nose to the grindstone for the past few years, you've always known that your focus and determination would lead to something. This is the year to see rewards for your efforts, and to develop a stronger base for future growth.

By concentrating upon developing positive associations within your community and incorporating innovative ideas into your life, you can move in a more fulfilling direction. The cycles during 2019 bring positive support and inspiring challenge to continue personal development.

Relationships with friends and family play an especially important role this year, your best source of support when you're met with challenges from the outside world. Additionally, they can benefit from your steadfast determination.

Jupiter transits in the sign of Scorpio through December 9, emphasizing the need to expand your contact with others of like mind. You might decide that you're ready to become more politically active, and may even be thrust into a role of leadership affiliated with those whose ideas are in harmony with your own.

You're thinking more about the future, and can use this time to formulate a master plan. This is the time to manifest what may once have been only a dream. One of the keys to success now is in learning and truly expressing gratitude for the bounty you enjoy (even if it's not exactly everything you want!). If you greedily withhold what you could share, the opportunities during this cycle will be more limited. (This includes not only things, but information, time, and energy.)

The planets Uranus and Neptune are no longer exactly conjunct in the heavens as they were during the last year, but they are still traveling in tandem this year. You may be reeling from the changes you've been experiencing, and may yet have more to come.

However, the foundations in your life are considerably more stable, giving you room to experience a less threatening element of change. If you've been resisting the urge to allow yourself to be as freely expressive as you need to be, there's still time to open to that intuitive voice whispering deep within your consciousness.

The Solar Eclipses this year emphasize the challenge to experience the process of giving and receiving love. Where you've failed to allow yourself to feel the flow of love into your life, you may finally be in a position to open your heart and be filled.

Even though this doesn't sound like much of a challenge, if you've been resisting, it takes quite a bit of energy to allow those protective walls to fall! It's like a dam bursting—at first the force can overwhelm you, but it eventually levels out and just flows right through. This is the time to give your creativity a chance. Whatever you've dreamt of doing, effort applied now can lead you into a path that will support your best talents and abilities.

But you must be willing to put forth the effort to express these gifts, to seek the guidance you require and to find the most harmonious circumstances for this expression. Otherwise, it's easy to waste those precious gifts or squander your resources in inappropriate directions.

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