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Horoscope Gemini 2019

Predictions and Astrology Gemini 2019

Your reputation this year can be altered by a willingness to take on additional responsibilities without over- extending yourself. It's time to stabilize your career path and clarify your professional image. Although you may find that you're spending more and more time working, you can gain more from your professional experience through fostering an attitude of optimism and hope for the future. This is a year of making adjustments, and some of those may entail redefining your duties in a way that allows room for both stability and expansion.

Jupiter's transit this year emphasizes your Solar 6th House, providing an opportunity to improve physical health through a more positive attitude about your body's needs.

There is a temptation to push your body beyond its limits. Because of that, you'll do yourself a favor if you concentrate on building increased stamina and resistance through physical activity. It's also easy to overindulge in those sweet things which create problems for the body. If you want to make strides in well-being, you'll need a well-rounded program, concentrating on self-improvement. Mental focus is a crucial factor in the success of these endeavors.

The Solar Eclipses in Taurus (May 10) and Scorpio (November 3) add to the emphasis of Jupiter's cycle, and underline the need to become more aware of your inner self. By dedicating more time to inner awareness, you can begin to feel more connected to life's natural rhythms and to your own intuitive flow. This can stimulate improvement in your creative expression and increase your tie to humanity's collective unconscious. You may also feel prompted to spend more time in charitable efforts, or at least support a special interest which fosters positive improvements in the lives of others. It's necessary to take a careful look at your feelings toward the work you've chosen, and to make changes that will promote greater harmony.

You're likely to experience Saturn's entry into Pisces this year as a slow-down in your constant motion. If you've been scattering energy, this is the cycle to stop, reconsider and begin again with a narrower focus. Becoming easily distracted may seem more like a nuisance than a joy during this next two years, but you can still continue to diversify.

The difference comes from changing priorities, and making room to stabilize. Your load may feel heavier, prompting you to look at the amount of unnecessary garbage you've piled onto your life. It's easy to see only the negative side of situations during this cycle, and to feel that the limitations around you are some type of punishment.

Instead of taking a defensive view, concentrate more on clarifying the things that really make a difference. Making changes often requires some level of loss, and you may have tried to keep all those plates spinning. If that line of plates has become exceedingly long, you have some serious reconsideration ahead of you!

Uranus and Neptune are no longer in exact conjunction, but are still traveling in extremely close proximity to one another. Revolutionary changes continue around you, especially in the area of finance. Instead of trying to make the old theories work, look at the results of the changes.

Use your easy adaptability to create new options and new paths for your future. Pluto's cycle in Scorpio is almost complete, and you may be finally getting to the core of many of your own issues. At the social level, it's quite likely that you'll see things which lead you to believe that we're moving backward, but that motion does not have to continue. Perhaps ifs time to deal directly with the present moment and to allow a different perspective on the past.

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