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Horoscope Leo 2019

Predictions and Astrology Leo 2019

2019 is the year to make room for greater emphasis in your personal and spiritual growth Leo. You're challenged to trim away excesses from your ego, while maintaining a strong sense of self. Even though your attitudes toward your work are changing, you may still have a need to fine-tune your approach in order to experience the rewards you desire.

Jupiter's transit in Scorpio until December 9th can stimulate a heightened interest in your home and family. This can be a good time to incorporate a sense of openness in your home environment, and you may feel that you need more space.

Ifs tempting to move into a dwelling that offers more room, but take care to avoid overextending your budget! Before you pack up and move, try eliminating excessive clutter and use your imagination. You may be able to accomplish your aims through simpler (and possibly less expensive!) pursuits.

This cycle also brings an incentive to reach beyond your current life circumstances, and you can respond with a sense of buoyancy and optimism that leads to accelerated personal growth. But it's also tempting to reach beyond your limits through self-indulgence and excess. Although moderation can be a difficult choice this year, it's your best option toward avoiding getting in over your head!

The Solar Eclipses this year also add emphasis to your need to balance personal and professional aims. If the pendulum swings widely toward one direction, you are likely to see the opposite polarity demanding just as much of your time and energy. However, your need to create a secure foundation is a primary motivation, and can easily be applied to each of these areas. You may feel a greater responsibility emerging which can actually bring a stabilizing, rather than an undermining, effect.

It may be time to step out of the limelight for a while, giving yourself time to create and enjoy that foundation. Before you accept that committee appointment or extra assignment, be sure you feel absolutely sure that you're capable of meeting the obligations involved. If you have doubts, ifs probably a good idea to postpone those extra duties in favor of spending more time on the things already on your busy agenda. Chiron's travels during the last year accentuate your self-esteem.

The utilization of your resources, whether material, physical, or spiritual, can be a good indicator of any holes in your self-worth. You can actually create a more substantial financial situation, but you'll probably find that you can't afford the pressure of feeling that you've wasted any of your resources. Pay attention to time obligations, since your time is also a highly valuable resource.

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