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Horoscope Libra 2019

Predictions and Astrology Libra 2019

Simple solutions may not be forthcoming during 2019, but you're definitely in the perfect position to work toward improving your life circumstances. Career and job standing require careful scrutiny, since you may not be happy with the situations you've chosen in the past.

Even though you might not need to move into a completely new situation, you are likely to feel that improvements are well within your grasp. The first place to start is within yourself, by taking an honest look at your attitudes and the way you're using your resources. With a few adjustments, you can streamline, simplify, and make room for more of the things you truly value.

You're experiencing the effect of Jupiter travelling through your Solar 2nd House, and may actually have greater financial or material resources available to you Libra.

But there's a trick to it—the temptation to overspend and overextend is tremendous.

The real opportunity this year involves finding the most effective way to use your resources so that they grow, rather than diminish. This begins with an improving understanding of your own worth and self-esteem, since you are your own best asset! Listen to your own internal messages, and search for ways to accept and support your needs. If you've been feeling that you're not getting what you want out of life, can you uncover the elements of your psyche which are blocking your path? You're ready to embrace yourself as a whole and powerful being, but cannot if you undermine your worth by wasting your precious resources.

The Solar Eclipses this year are also pointing to a need to emphasize your self-esteem and your emotional attachments. You may actually be holding onto a person, thing, or circumstance that you've outgrown.

Now you have a chance to really understand the key to those situations where your old co-dependent behaviors and attitudes have been so costly. You may feel that there are some definite spiritual lessons involved in your increased awareness, and these have their own rewards. You're finding out about another layer of intimacy and can improve your ability to open to your partner.

But more importantly, you can become more honestly intimate with your inner self.

Changes continue to occur in the world, and although Uranus and Neptune are no longer exactly conjunct, they are still traveling in tandem!

Change for change's sake may not get you anywhere now, but those changes which free you from the negative elements of your past and give you a boost in your personal security may feel miraculous. One of the most important guidelines during this period of accelerated growth involves knowing your own limitations.

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