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Horoscope Pisces 2019

Predictions and Astrology Pisces 2019

By maintaining your focus and concentration upon your path, this can be a tremendously rewarding year. The opportunities presented during 2019 can bring a re-affirmation of your faith, beliefs, and ideals. This is a period of learning, and may also offer you an opportunity to teach others.

Your relationship with the community and with your friends can become highly significant, extending your feeling of becoming more connected to all of humanity. Even though you may feel that you're leaving behind some old pathways, the new directions before you offer hope and can inspire you to become a more positive expression of yourself.

Jupiter's transit in Scorpio in trine aspect to your Sun can add a sense of ease and flow, and inspires increased optimism and self-confidence. Education, travel and the exploration of cultural and religious teachings can extend your understanding of the world around you, and may also bring situations which lead to your career advancement. It's tempting to just let things work out, rather than taking control of the reins and directing your life, but you may find greater reward in combining your options.

By using your willpower to keep your life on track, and taking advantage of this period of expansion, you can move further and faster toward your goals. If you choose to slacken your self-control, you may instead lose some of the opportunities which await you. Self-indulgence during this cycle can be dangerous, since it's sometimes difficult to know your limits until you've gone too far.

Find reasonable outlets for your increased feelings of generosity.

The Solar Eclipses during 2019 emphasize your connection to the world through travel, communication and interaction with others. If you're inclined to write, this is an excellent period to discipline your efforts or seek out publication of your ideas.

At the least, maintaining a journal can be an illuminating experience, and may help you sort through some of the larger questions which challenge you. Many of those questions may be answered through your own inner processing, but you may also feel drawn to seek a teacher or guide whose influence can help you fine-tune your path.

Find ways to share ideas with others—discussion groups, correspondence or other forms of networking. Most importantly, this cycle marks a time of broadening your horizons and connecting more fully to the source of wisdom and understanding.

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