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Horoscope Sagittarius 2019

Predictions and Astrology Sagittarius 2019

Your exploration of life can lead you through many frontiers as you strive to reach an understanding of life's basic truth. As the philosopher of the zodiac, you're constantly questioning and eager to expand your base of knowledge. Your enthusiastic optimism often provides buoyant inspiration for others, and your honest, straightforward approach refreshes stale situations.

Through the energy of Jupiter, your planetary ruler, you're stimulated to constantly reach beyond your current limitations in order to experience as much of life as you possibly can. Your fascination with other cultures may lead to a desire to master at least one foreign language, and can be your stimulus to travel. Your discontent with the status of being "merely human" stimulates you to search for a higher level of consciousness.

Since you're always looking forward, you can easily grow impatient when the pace of life fails to keep up with your ideals. As you reach out for broader frontiers, those who yearn to be with you may be left behind. Your generous spirit instills an atmosphere of trust and understanding. However, you tend to expect more from others than they can deliver and can also undermine your own growth through feeling that you should be more than you are.

Although your zeal can blaze a path to wisdom it can just as easily lead you toward self-righteousness and judgmental fanaticism. The greater truth may be that you don't really know everything, and, more importantly, that you don't have to! You carry the torch of hope and can light a path which illuminates higher spiritual law.

For you, love can be the most grand adventure of all, and the game of romance an absolute delight. You like to call the shots, and prefer not to become tangled in the lair until you're ready. Although you like to know another person's way of thinking before you get physical, you can be most intrigued by someone whose background is distinctively different from your own.

While you're experimenting with different relationship models, you may leave your former lovers behind in a cloud of dust. But once you're ready to make a commitment, you can be a steadfast and sensual partner. Along with the other fire signs—Aries, Leo, and other Sagittarians—you prefer a relationship filled with passionate interchange. And you're most comfortable when your easygoing nature is not too ruffled. With Aries, an invigorating excitement can keep your love strong. Leo's dramatic intensity warms your heart, and another Sagittarian is likely to share your favorite pastimes of reading and travel.

Taurus' slow pace may feel cumbersome to you. Your attraction to Gemini, your zodiac opposite can lead to exceptional discussions and may spark an exciting partnership. Cancer's need to take care of you can feel claustrophobic. And although you may appreciate Virgo's ideas, your broader view can spark disagreements. Libra's refined grace is fascinating and you may enjoy a lasting relationship. But you'll have to stay on your toes to avoid falling victim to the allure of Sagittarius.

While Capricorn offers steadfast security, you may not feel completely open. Companionable Aquarius shows independence which supports your needs to grow. However, you may feel you cannot trust a relationship with Pisces, whose imagination is enticing but frequently hard to follow.

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