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Predictions and Astrology Scorpio 2019

Now that you've worked to lay the groundwork, the cycles this year 2019 indicate a strong period of growth and fortification of your creative direction. You have ample opportunities to gain greater personal awareness without such intensive testing of your ego, although you're still in the process of changing many of your priorities. If you've been waiting for the right time to move forward, the balance of energy this year can help you develop the right blend of confidence and practicality that can help guarantee success.

Your task is to put forth the necessary effort!

Jupiter's cycle has returned to Scorpio, a cycle which last occurred during 1982. You may feel you're ready to reach out beyond your current circumstances, but you have to stay aware of your reasonable limitations. This can be a period of positive growth, but if s just as easy to let things go too far.

Used at its highest level, this energy can be the launching of your deepest wishes. You can manifest many of your hopes more effectively, and more quickly. Fortunately, throughout much of the year you have support from Saturn helping to balance a tendency to move too quickly. Your timing can be excellent, and you're in a great position to let your creative talents shine forth.

Allow each moment to bring you a satisfying level of personal confirmation, and use that feeling to move forward into the future you desire.

The Solar Eclipses this year 2019 in the Taurus-Scorpio polarity are especially significant for you. By encouraging yourself to become more mindful and more aware of the energy within and around you, these cycles can help you become more attuned to your personal needs. You may question certain elements of your relationships, particularly partnerships, more from the standpoint of what is missing than what is there. Now you have the power to begin to fulfill those unanswered needs.

First, you must become conscious of any blocks you've created, and determine if you can afford to let down those barriers. If you're ready, this period can be much like being reborn. But this time, you will have better recall!

Uranus and Neptune are separating from their conjunction, but are still traveling closely together and continue to have an impact on universal changes. For you, many of these changes may be connected to the way you think and the way you share your ideas with others. You're in a great position to learn or to try new approaches to existing situations. Rather than resisting new ideas, allow that aspect of yourself which accepts the positive process of change to help you make the most of new circumstances.

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