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Predictions and Astrology Taurus 2019

Your growing social base offers you an opportunity to interact with more people, and can bring rewards through dealing with the public. Nineteen ninety-four can be a year of positive growth without the sense of restriction that you have felt in the past few years. By building on your knowledge and experience from the past, you can stand on a firm foundation while broadening your horizons. Relationships play an important role this year, with both friends and partners offering a more promising level of support.

The mirror of relationships, especially close partnerships, can provide a positive source of feedback and encourage you to reach beyond your old set of limitations. Until December 9, Jupiter transits in Scorpio opposing your Sun sign and highlighting your Solar 7th House. This cycle works at an inner level to help you gain a more profound sense of your needs in relationships. However, you may feel a strong contrast from what you see in others versus what you feel from within.

Expectations can become a block if you place too much emphasis upon them. Although this period is often accompanied by increasing support from a partner, just as important is an increase in your ability to accept this level of support. The essence of this cycle is an increasing sense of your own wholeness, and you'll do yourself a disservice by feeling that this is determined by the presence of another in your life. Too much emphasis placed on others will only lead to disappointment.

The Jupiter cycle gains emphasis from the Solar Eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio this year. Eclipse cycles generally indicate areas in our lives which require accen-tuation in some way, and the accompanying transit of Jupiter adds to this punctuation. You may find more life experiences acting as symbols to illustrate deeper meaning. Take the time to reflect upon what's happening around you and how you fit into the scene. This is a cycle of integration and can be a time of profound self-realization.

But you're also releasing many elements of the past through this energy, especially those which have become artificial in their meaning.

Saturn finally leaves the square to your Sun this year and moves into a supportive sextile aspect. There's still work to be done, but it may not feel quite as limiting or over-burdening. All Taureans will feel the energy of this transit sometime during the next two years. You can utilize this energy to strengthen the positive rewards from your career, but there are also greater sensibilities in your feeling of accomplishment in areas of personal growth and self-awareness.

The exact conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn has ended, but these two planets continue to travel closely together in their orbit. This change lessens the intensity of the cycle, but there will still be a feeling of major changes in the collective elements of society.

Human evolution follows a slow course, and although the conjunction of these two planets has historically coincided with events that have turned the tide, the adjustments to these changes are not always immediately forthcoming. If you know your chart, continue to watch the effect of these transiting planets in the astrological house they're influencing. The Solar chart (in which your Sun is placed on the Ascendant) shows Uranus and Neptune continuing through your 9th House. The most profound effects of these energies will occur in your philosophical outlook on life.

Both an increased sensitivity to your spiritual needs and a revolutionary change in your belief systems are likely to occur as these planets continue their impact.

Nineteen ninety-four marks the last full year Pluto will continue its transit in Scorpio. The eliminatory quality of this cycle will gradually diminish in its effect upon your ego after next year. But until then, there is still likely to be a feeling of foreboding that may accompany your life.

The world as you knew it has definitely changed in the last decade, and it's had a definitive impact on your personal growth and development. Continue to work toward eliminating the attitudes and circumstances that inhibit your growth. Chiron has moved into Virgo, and is emphasizing your need to become more acutely aware of the healing effect of your creative self-expression. And you do have the ability to create your own life! This can be a year of breakthrough.

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