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Horoscope Virgo 2019

Predictions and Astrology Virgo 2019

Throughout the year 2019 you'll experience both opportunities to express your talents and abilities and tests of your willpower and endurance.

Maintaining a balance can be a tricky proposition, since you may feel strongly drawn in one direction or another. By staying strongly focused on your higher needs and keeping your priorities aligned with your spiritual nature, you'll find that even the most ordinary experiences have an extraordinary effect. Now's the time to remind yourself of your priorities, and to make an agreement to carry those responsibilities which truly belong to you.

With Jupiter transiting through your Solar 3rd House in Scorpio, you're likely to feel a bit restless, and may need to get outside your regular routine more than usual. Travel can be more satisfying, even trips close to home. Your mind is ready to absorb more information, with your hunger for knowledge drawing you into all sorts of learning experiences.

If you're involved in writing or communicating, these fields show tremendous promise, giving you a chance to advance in your career. You can also benefit through sharing your knowledge with others or attending conferences or workshops, but watch a tendency to be distracted by too many options, and choose the most beneficial. This cycle encourages a higher level of personal confidence and inspires greater courage to risk sharing your ideas with others.

The Solar Eclipses this year also amplify your need to expand your understanding and provide an element of increasing spiritual awareness. Search for the areas in which you may have been drawn away from Truth, and find ways to incorporate a higher level of understanding. Your spiritual life can become more readily incorporated into your daily activities now if you allow this emerging awareness to penetrate your consciousness. But you may have to allow some of your old belief systems to drop away in favor of the discovery of truth.

The separating conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn continues to stimulate your creativity in surprising ways. And you have an excellent cycle for opening to your more playful nature. But you may feel a bit more inhibited now, since Saturn is traveling for the next two years, in opposition to your Sun Sign.

This force can actually be a stabilizing factor, but you do have to make choices about which things in your life are necessary and which are simply taking up space.

Chiron's transit in Virgo also has a particularly influential effect this year, bringing you more closely in contact with your true nature and helping you determine choices that align more positively with your feeling of purpose. But you can also fall into the rut of old patterns if you're not allowing your full awareness to guide your actions and decisions.

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