Horoscope Aquarius 2020

Predictions Aquarius 2020

It’s time to own your power and focus on the issues that are truly important to your personal development. In the face of change, you carry the banner and hold the light for those who fear the new dawn. The human race needs your objectivity, and you’ll find others drawn to your ability to reach for understanding instead of responding through pure emotion.
You’re making way for the successes of others who share your life, and may actually dedicate part of your energy toward helping a partner achieve his or her dreams. You’re also drawing a great deal of support through another’s resources and may feel more comfortable allowing other people to help you manifest what you need. It’s a time to share and enjoy the benefit of combined effort.
You’re expanding your awareness of the inner realm this year. The Solar Eclipse cycle during 2020 intensifies your sensitivity to the more subtle realms. If you’re in-volved in the arts, you’ll enjoy the special flow of energy you feel through your creativity. During your times of meditation or contemplation, you may feel more awareness of the flow of energy that is at the core of all life.
If your birth occurred from January 21st-24th, you’re in a positive period of self-expression. You’re not likely to experience excessive challenges to your identity, although there may be confrontations in other aspects of your life experience.
You’re feeling the pressure of Saturn transiting your Sun if you were born from January 25th-February 8 th. This cycle is an important period of sorting through your priorities and establishing a stronger sense of self. You’ll find frustration in the areas of your life where you’ve previously given over control to another person or circum-stance. Determine what you can do to regain your autonomy.
On the physical level, pay particular attention to the way you’re dealing with stress to avoid the undermining effect it can have on your vitality.
The steps you take this year to move into more creative directions are supported by Uranus semi-sextile your Sun if you were born from February 2nd-6th. You’re required to balance your freedom needs with responsibility, and should enjoy the sense of determination you feel during this cycle. You’re not in the midst of a revolution—you’re just eliminating the excess from your life.
Surrender more easily to your dreams if you were born from February 5th-8th. While Neptune is semi-sextile your Sun you have a chance to blend the rational and intuitive aspects of your consciousness and feel more completely attuned to the rhythm of life. Creative pursuits are enhanced during this cycle as is the development of your spiritual attunement.
You’re feeling rumblings from the depths of your soul during 2020 if your birth occurred from February 8th-14th. Even though you thought you’d dealt with some issues from your past, you’ll get to the core of them now. Of primary importance is the relationship you have with your father and authority figures in general. No longer will mere rational thought work to help you deal with any difficulties resulting from your past. You need to open to the raw emotion in order to free yourself and regain your in-ner power. The real power you’re experiencing comes from the Source.
This is your chance to experience the healing that comes from eliminating self-doubt.
If you were born from February 15th-18th, you’re probably feeling a bit of uneasiness but may not be quite sure where it’s coming from. You’re on the brink of major change and can use the energies this year to become more self-aware. Work to locate and maintain your center.

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