Horoscope Cancer 2020

Predictions Cancer 2020

There are hopeful signs of progress emerging for you during 2020, with strong indications of an inspiring new direction.
The impact of other people on your life may still bring surprises, but you’re finding better ways to relate while expressing more of your own real needs. This is a time to expand your mind by exploring ideas and new circumstances. You feel more optimistic about learning, whether you’re improving your work skills, attending a formally structured educational program, or investigating on your own.
Jupiter’s transit in Virgo energizes your Solar Third House, bringing opportunity through networking with others. This energy can also refresh your confidence about the things you need and want to say. People frequently travel more during this cycle, their urge to get outside routine being strong.
There are three Solar Eclipses this year on the Cancer/ Capricorn axis. You’ll be particularly likely to respond to global or universal changes on a personal level during this cycle. Pay close attention to your relationships, especially your partnerships. Your attitude toward being a partner involves connecting first to your inner self, then to another person; this brings a more profound blending on all levels, especially if you’re surrendering to your Higher Needs first. Increase your awareness of the balance (or lack of it) in your relationships, concentrating on fulfilling each person’s needs.
If your birthday is June 22nd-26th, you experience a year of comfort with your sense of identity; most of the adjustments you made last year have opened a clearer path to stability. Pay special attention to your actions during the last three months of the year when you tend to take on too many duties.
You feel pressured by obligations resulting from your commitments this year if your birthday is June 27th-July 12th. Saturn transits quincunx your Sun, signifying a need to take special care of yourself by trimming away excess, especially in the area of financial liabilities. This would also be a good year to get to the core of any health issues. Eliminating poor health habits might be easier, especially if you take a sensible approach rather than a drastic one.
If your birthday is July 5th-llth, you’re ready to throw away the things that aren’t working out and start over with a clean slate. Even so, some of your past commitments may actually be working to your benefit, so consider your choices carefully and avoid rash action. Uranus opposes your Sun this year, marking a time of personal revolution. The real you is ready to be set free. Frequently, relationships are at the core of this personal revolt. What you need to identify is the pattern of relating that results in frustration. The only thing you can really change now is you.
Neptune transits opposite your Sun if you were born July 7th-15th. This cycle brings a period of surrender and an opportunity to achieve forgiveness. Maintain a strong connection to your spiritual needs now, and find healthy ways to extend yourself to others. Your judgment of critical practical issues may be somewhat faulty now; you tend to see things more idealistically. Ideals and dreams are important, but you would be better advised to wait a while before making a long-term commitment. You gradually reshape your sense of identity to fit more harmoniously with your higher inner self. Navigate with care and with compassion for yourself and others.
Pluto trines your Sun this year if your birthday is July 12th-18th. This transformational energy helps you trust your creative flow more completely. You have a deeper sense of strength, and others may feel your magnetic power in special ways. This is an excellent year to dive into an important project, focus on your artistic talents, or become more involved with children. From a physical standpoint, you may discover a reservoir of strength you had not previously known. This is your time to reshape your life in ways that bring about positive, profound change.
You lay the groundwork this year for new directions if your birthday is July 19th-22nd. Take time to carefully consider your current circumstances to see how supportive they are of your hopes for continued security in the future. The last four months of the year are especially energetic for you, but may be filled with turmoil if you’re trying to avoid necessary changes.

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