Horoscope Capricorn 2020

Predictions Capricorn 2020

This year marks a period of focused opportunity when your philosophy of life acts as a strong foundation for your success.
You’re clearing away the obstacles that could inhibit the development of your self-esteem and finding excellent ways to strengthen your material worth. This is the time to learn the best ways to utilize all your resources, including your own special talents.
The benefit of traveling or teaching ranks high on your list while Jupiter transits your Solar 9th House.
If you’re involved in writing or publishing, this can also be a time of great recognition and success when your ideas provide positive guidance for many individuals. This is a period of strengthening your faith in the great wisdom of the Laws of the Universe.
Since two years ago, the Solar Eclipses have occurred on the Cancer/Capricorn axis. This is the last year of this cycle with three eclipses of the Sun, two in Capricorn. You’ll feel this to be a highly significant year of personal acceptance, with a more positive balance between yourself and the people who make up your primary relationships.
If you’ve not been completely convinced before now, you’ll definitely experience the laws of cause and effect in both action and thought.
Use this cycle as a time to launch into a more dedicated relationship with your Higher Self.
If your birth occurred from December 21st-25th, you may feel that you have more positive control of your life no w and that many of the major trials are behind you. Use this cycle to build on the foundations you’ve laid in the past year. Maintain the simple, yet effective, lifestyle that offers less resistance.
Your value system is slowly changing, and you’re getting rid of much of the clutter in your life this year if you were born from December 26-January 9th. Saturn is tran-siting semi-sextile your Sun, helping you make positive strides in establishing more secure finances. The first thing you need to understand about this cycle is that it all begins inside you. Your feelings about your own worth are at the core of what you’ll create during 2020.
You’re breaking away from the things you’ve outgrown and becoming more comfortable with your uniqueness this year if your birth occurred from January 3rd-8th.
Explore the spiritual foundations that help you maintain contact with your truest self. It is through this connection that you can best choose what you’re leaving behind and what you’re capable of allowing in the way of change. Some of the changes you experience with Uranus conjunct your Sun this year will seem to be beyond your control—a frustrating situation for a Capricorn!
What you can control is your response to a changing world.
Neptune transits your Sun if you were born from January 6th-9th. You may feel pulled into a reality that seems to have no defined boundaries. You’re getting a strong feeling for the intangible. The beauty of this cycle is that you are releasing many of the fears that have kept you from surrendering the past. You’re learning to see the innate goodness in many people you had judged harshly in the past. Find ways to give of yourself, but be careful in your business relationship since you’re tempted to trust too quickly. Follow your dreams, but keep at least one foot on the ground.
If you were born from January 10th-16th, you’re feeling the positive healing of Pluto’s transit sextile to your Sun. You’re ready to accept your own power, but must use it responsibly. There may be another person who has influenced these changes, and you can feel strongly bonded to that individual. But what’s actually happening is an awakening to the strengths you’ve possessed all along. Physical difficulties that have plagued you in the past may reach a state of resolution this year. However, if part of that healing involves changes of habit or attitude, that part is up to you!
Your ego is in good shape this year if you were born from January 17th-20th. You may feel increasingly restless the last quarter of 2020 and will need to avoid the temptation of taking on more than you can handle. Otherwise, this year provides no major challenges for your ego self.

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