Horoscope Gemini 2020

Predictions Gemini 2020

By maintaining your focus this year, you’ll see major productive results. You reach beyond your current development from a position of faith and may rely on your philosophical attitudes to keep you strong.
You may be drawn to educational endeavors and benefit by dedicating your mental energies to studies that will enhance your sense of Self.
As Jupiter’s cycle through Virgo challenges you to strengthen and broaden your foundation and security base, you may find yourself looking for changes in your environment.
Concentrate on ways to improve your living situation. You may even consider a move, or better yet, a period of extended travel to give you a broader perspective on the world.
The importance of connecting with family is certainly present, but you may experience more contact from your spiritual family than from your family of origin. If you’re working in a therapeutic growth process, however, a careful look at your roots and early family can be quite beneficial during 2020.
The Solar Eclipses bring intensified awareness of self- worth issues throughout the year. Extend your appreciation to significant others, and be aware when there is a lack or jealousy in this area. Your appreciation of others (or lack of it) may tell you a lot about the way your partner supports your own self-esteem. If you’ve chosen partners who seem to challenge your worth, perhaps you need to find better ways to strengthen yourself.
If your birthday is May 21st-25th, you’re likely to feel an itch to change while Uranus travels in sesquiquadrate aspect to your Sun. Consider your options carefully before you make any major moves; you may get into trouble by acting on impulse instead of responding to deep level needs.
If your birthday is May 26th-June 10th, Saturn’s transit trine to your Sun offers a strong foundation for long-term growth. You feel capable of taking care of your own needs without relying on outside resources. This offers a fundamental sense of freedom, allowing you to make more consistent commitments to yourself or to a relationship.
You’re eager to break away from restrictive influences this year if your birthday is from June 3rd-9th. Transiting Uranus is quincunx your Sun, bringing a fundamental sense of discontent with the status quo. You may not see some of the changes coming, but can be prepared for them by knowing where you stand on basic issues of worth. Old relationship patterns may keep turning up like a bad penny to help you see some of your negative dependencies.
You seek real freedom of expression and need to work diligently to surrender to your intuitive guidance to make the best of this energy.
Avoid maintaining a position of vagueness this year if your birthday is June 6th-10th. There’s a real tendency to want to escape from situations that feel claustrophobic, especially if related to money; but you’ll only cause damage to your sense of self-worth if you refuse to face the music. Neptune’s transit forms a quincunx to your Sun, which does allow you to surrender in areas where false pride stands in the way of self-awareness.
Nonetheless, there is a real possibility that you’ll ignore some basic needs in favor of your preferred fantasies. Listen to the still small voice within, and allow this to be a time of increasing peace and tranquility—at least momentarily.
You feel the brunt of Pluto’s energy if your birthday is June 10th-16th. This cycle can weaken your physical vitality if you’re still indulging in counterproductive habits or attitudes. Be alert to your feelings about your work, especially if you’ve grown sick of your job. Try to determine the source of your discontent, and make adjustments where necessary.
If your birthday is June 17th-21st, you’re making strides to establish firm foundations. You may not feel you’ve completely reached your goals, but that shouldn’t stop you from redefining your path and continuing to progress. The last four months of the year challenge you to extend greater efforts toward using all your resources to their best advantage. Perhaps you’ll learn to recycle everything!

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