Horoscope Leo 2020

Predictions Leo 2020

This year brings powerful insights into your inner motivations, stimulating deeper awareness and creative evolution. You see many facets of yourself reflected through the world around you and come to realize the important role you play in designing your own reality.
You experience connection to the wholeness of life. This is the time to find out about the things you’ve allowed to hold you back, blocking your true nature; then, you can release the blockages and allow yourself to be more freely expressive.
There are three Solar Eclipses in 2020 which emphasize your need to be more aware of the link between your spiritual and physical well-being. You may need more time to contemplate life’s deeper issues and would benefit from spending additional time getting in touch with your inner self. If you’re having some physical problems, take an honest look at the attitude you have toward your disease; the real healing comes from within.
Jupiter’s cycle in Virgo lasts until October 10th and transits your Solar Second House. There are excellent benefits associated with this cycle, one of them an enhanced sense of self-worth. This energy can also stimulate an increase in your financial base.
Still, be aware of the ways you use all your resources, since this can also be a period of waste or gluttony. When Jupiter enters Libra on October 10th there’s excitement and travel in store, especially for Leos born July 23rd-August 6th.
If you were born July 23rd-26th, you’re coming out of a period of testing and still may feel like proceeding with caution. Adjustments in your work relationships and environment can ease some of the tension or awkwardness in these areas.
You feel Saturn’s challenging opposition to your Sun if your birth is July 27th-August 12th; you tend to feel that everyone has your number and that their expectations of you are extremely high. The real pressure is coming from inside yourself while you’re going through a time of carefully examining the ways you’ve been responding to fulfilling your needs. This is a time to let go of the past and eliminate anything that no longer fits. Parental relationships are often at the core of the psychological issues you’re facing, and you may feel a different level of responsibility toward that relationship as this cycle unfolds.
You can achieve greater success now by willingly shouldering the responsibilities that are part of your foundation and eliminating those that belong to someone else.
If your birthday is August 5th-llth, you’re probably feeling overly anxious and may be frustrated that you’re unable to make all the changes you desire. Uranus transits in quincunx to your Sun, bringing inspiration and excitement, but this energy is also definitely disruptive to the status quo. You may feel that you’re being forced into making some undesirable changes, but once you examine the circumstances, you may find that you have options that can make these adjustments more reasonable. Physical health needs extra attention during this cycle, especially if you’re feeling excessive stress from your work.
You tend to feel disoriented during the cycle of Neptune inconjunct your Sun if your birthday is August 8th-12th. Your dreams and visions may seem incomplete, but they’re really just presenting images to you bit by bit instead of giving you a sense of the greater picture. Spend extra time getting in touch with your own sensibilities; know how and what you feel.
This helps you avoid falling prey to being too open to the influence of others. Allow plenty of time to exercise your creative talents, and be sure to stay in touch with your need to play.
You experience a major overhaul in your sense of identity this year if you were born August 12th-18th. Although you’ve been feeling this cycle growing closer, you’re now in the midst of Pluto’s square to your Sun. This is a period of deep-level change that brings many endings into your life. Situations that have been falling apart finally disintegrate, giving you a chance for regeneration and rebirth. By embracing this as a period of release, you’ll feel healing in your life in ways you previously could not imagine.
If you were born August 19th-22nd, you’re preparing for changes not quite ripe. None of the major planetary cycles is having an impact on your Sun, but you will feel on the brink of something important. Prepare yourself now by taking an inventory of your feelings and goals and by maintaining a true appreciation for all that you are.

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