Horoscope Libra 2020

Predictions Libra 2020

This year you are challenged to release your ties to the past by extracting what you need and building a firmer foundation for your future.
You may feel confident knowing that your talents and creative efforts put you ahead of the game. You leave behind things that no longer fit into your life and you’re stronger, with a newly discovered sense of personal freedom that gives you a ticket to success.
This year you feel the unloosening power of three Solar Eclipses. It’s no longer important to rebel just for the sake of rebellion; instead, you begin to see the value of traditions that have stood the test of time and incorporate a sense of new technology into the change you’re experiencing. Home and family become valuable in ways you haven’t understood before. This is a healing time, a period of appreciating your roots and claiming your personal power.
Jupiter’s cycle brings you in closer contact with your inner self. You may feel as if you’re traveling through life with the aid of a flock of guardian angels. Spend more time enjoying the positive quality of solitude, recognizing the real partner you’ve been seeking all along. This partner is within, and holds the key to your need for harmony. Once Jupiter enters Libra on Ctetober 1 Oth, you’ll be drawn more into the outer world. Now you’ll function more effectively when you first embrace your inner sanctum.
If you were born September 23rd-27th, you’re in the process of integrating your personal and professional needs. There aren’t any major challenges to your ego from the slower moving planets, so you shouldn’t feel too many obstacles when it comes to feeling good about your identity.
Saturn’s transit trines your Sun if you were born September 28th-October 13th. This energy brings stability and is a welcome relief from some of the unpredictable changes you’ve experienced recently. You may still be making major changes, but you feel more in control of
your life. This is a great time to clarify your goals and obtain the necessary tools to assure long-term success.
You feel a bit unsettled this year while Uranus squares your Sun if you were born October 6th-12th. Be prepared for the unexpected, especially from yourself. This is an energy of freedom, and you’re chomping at the bit to let the world know you’re here. From a personal standpoint, it’s time to take the risk of standing up for who you are, even if it doesn’t fit into what you consider to be normal. Take a look at your values; they’re most certainly changing as your perspective on yourself is changing.
That feeling of confusion and uncertainty you’re experiencing comes from Neptune square your Sun if you’re born October 9th-13th. You’re looking through different eyes, ones turned toward the inner, imaginative, more mystical side of life. This energy is excellent for artistic endeavors; it’s easier to surrender to the flow of creative inspiration. But it’s difficult to see everyday things clearly. You could make faulty judgments concerning others. If you can, devote some of your energy to projects designed to create a better, more peaceful world. But, more importantly, realize that this is a time to acknowledge that part of life which is the intangible force of divine compassion.
If your birthday was October 14th-20th, you’re feeling Pluto’s transit semi-sextile your Sun. This energy helps you peel away the layers that have inhibited your self- expression. It’s a time to heal and be healed, a period of evolution and transformation of your values.
You’re preparing for greater responsibilities promised in the future if your birthday is October 21st-23rd. This is the year to maintain your focus and keep your motivation. You’ll feel especially energized the last four months of the year; use this time to accomplish a project of major proportion.

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