Horoscope Pisces 2020

Predictions Pisces 2020

This is a year in which you can balance your inner and outer worlds through maintaining more consistent awareness of your feelings. You have significant opportunities to benefit from the support and encouragement of others, but you’ll also need some special time in your own personal space. Your creative imagination can be used in endless ways during 2020.
While Jupiter transits Virgo through October 10th, you’re likely to find that other people, especially partners, have a lot to offer. This can be a mutually beneficial sharing of energy. This cycle also extends your social outreach, giving you a chance to connect with people who need and appreciate your insights.
The three Solar Eclipses this year bring an emphasis to your needs to share your talents through creative expression, offering you insights into the best ways to show the love that flows from the Source into your soul.
You may meet a special friend, or deepen a connection with a friend you’ve known for a while. What you’re finding is a relationship in which unconditionality and understanding override the lesser human qualities of judgment or jealousy.
If your birth occurred from February 20th-24th, you’re challenged to surrender to a cycle of visionary awakening. This is an exciting year with Uranus and Neptune semisquare your Sun, allowing you easier access to your soulful artistry.
Saturn’s transit semi-sextile to your Sun encourages you to take strong, consistent steps toward realizing your dreams if you were born from February 25th-March 10th. Clarify your goals and deal with the mundane necessities to avoid the pitfalls of bumping into obstacles that don’t have to be there!
You’re blessed with a year of breakthrough experiences if you were born from March 3rd-9th. Uranus travels in sextile to your Sun, stimulating you to move into positive new directions while breaking away from the restrictions of the past.
Many of the talents you’d put on the back burner have an outlet during this cycle. Listen to and trust your intuitive guidance this year.
Imagination doesn’t have to be a mere flight of fancy, and can actually be the foundation for your spiritual and professional growth this year if your birth occurred from March 6th-10th. While Neptune, your planetary ruler, transits in sextile to your Sun, you’re more in touch with the essence of your Self. If you’ve been reluctant to try different forms of self-expression, it will be easier to surrender to them now without judging whether or not you’re a “genius.” The things you do now are for your soul.
Pluto’s transit forms a supportive trine to your Sun this year if you were born from March 10th-l 6th. This is a cycle of empowerment, but you’ll have to find the best ways to own your personal power. From a physical standpoint, this cycle can bring miraculous healing, or you may just need to clean up your act a bit in order to bring about the transformation necessary to improve your health. If you’re devoted to a spiritual path, this can be the year you finally touch the essence of the teaching and make contact with your Inner Guide.
You’re preparing for future changes this year if you were born from March 17th-20th and need to spend some extra time developing positive plans and goals. The adjustments you make in September and October can open the doors to success.

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