Horoscope Sagittarius 2020

Predictions Sagittarius 2020

Your self-worth continues to grow stronger, and you’ll find your focus on developing your mind during 2020. This may be a year of extended travel or study, but whatever your activity, you’re hungry to learn.
Your planetary ruler, Jupiter, transits your Solar 10th House this year, inspiring you to put forth greater efforts in directing your career growth. Recognition for these efforts can be consistently positive. You may take on positions of increased responsibility but need to be aware of the expectations that go along with your advancements. It’s all too easy during this cycle to think that just because you’ve caught the brass ring you’re home free. You’ll discover that your freedom is curtailed unless you’re really living up to all your agreements.
While the Solar Eclipses continue on the Cancer Capricorn axis this year, you’re challenged to keep your values clearly aligned with your Highest Needs. You may be experiencing a combination of periods of increase and periods in which you need to release or liquidate some of your assets. Acknowledgment of your own worth and the value of another are important now.
You’re breaking out of many old systems of determining what you hold to be dear if you were born from November 23-27th.
The planets Uranus and Neptune are transiting semi-square your Sun, bringing surprising gifts from the Universe. You may feel like having a major psychological garage sale to make room for the sense of new-found freedom that awakens during this cycle.
You’re feeling more stabilized now while Saturn transits sextile your Sun if your birth occurred from November 27th-December 11th. Use this year to clarify your objectives, and get serious about learning the things that you want to know. You’re in an excellent position to do some disciplined writing or to travel for an extended period.
If your birthday falls from December 6th-10th, you’re likely to feel rather restless and may find the status quo a bit boring. Uranus is transiting semi-sextile your Sun,
helping you open to fresh ideas and more innovative forms of self-expression. It’s tempting to walk away before you’ve finished something because the new appears so much more enticing. As much as possible, try to incorporate your special talents into existing circumstances.
Your imagination and creativity become more accessible to you this year while Neptune travels semi-sextile your Sun if you were born from December 8th-llth. You may notice changes like a different perception of the meaning of things that happen around you, like an awareness of the patterns of birds flying overhead.
As you begin to open to these vibrations, allow yourself to recognize a need to release the fears and doubts that have held you back in the past. Petition your inner self for guidance, and celebrate the beauty that travels everywhere you walk.
You’re feeling some very deep inner changes this year if you were born from December 11th-17th. It’s almost as if an old layer of negativity peels away while Pluto is semi- sextile your Sun. Life becomes more magnificent, but also grows in intensity. You’re meeting people who challenge your old way of thinking.
This can lead you to appreciate certain aspects of what you’ve known in the past, but it can also stimulate you to become more freely expressive. You may find that you have greater power and influence. Allow yourself to be guided by the power of the Universe into this knowledge. This can be a time of healing, but you must be willing to release the habits or attitudes that have kept you from feeling whole.
You’re not feeling many intense ego struggles this year if your birth occurred from December 18th-20th. There’s greater stability on the way, but you’re probably doing fine with your juggling act as it is! The last quarter of the year is filled with opportunities to try new things. Choose wisely.

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