Horoscope Scorpio 2020

Predictions Scorpio 2020

Expanding horizons beckon you to stay in touch with your vision for the future. The challenge of the year is to keep your feet firmly planted while keeping your eyes open to future possibilities. Your talents can be used either in pursuit of your own ends or in concert with those who share your hopes and dreams. You’re likely to be in contact with a more universal perspective and have ample opportunities to study, travel or connect with people from different cultures.
Jupiter’s transit this year fortifies your sense of self by helping you maintain faith in your hopes and dreams.
This energy adds to your confidence and may give you the boost you need to make your life more sucessful. Your friends are a tremendous source of strength, and may be responsible for opening several doors to your success. You’re also given the chance to enjoy helping others achieve their own goals through your inspirational support of their aims.
This is an excellent year to expand your database through educational pursuits, teaching, writing or travel. The Solar Eclipses emphasize these interests in your con-tinuing evolution this year. If you’ve been looking for the right teacher to guide you, this may be the time to find one, but you must first identify what you need to know.
If your birthday is October 24th-28th, you’re feeling less cramped and have this year to build on the foundations you began in the last year. Concentrate on stabilizing your security base now.
The challenge of eliminating unnecessary obstacles from your path faces you if your birthday is October 28th- November 12th.
You face more responsibility while Saturn squares your Sun, and may feel like running away, but your responsibilities follow. Look at what you think is holding you back; you may be carrying burdens that aren’t yours. Take charge of your own responsibilities, and give up tiying to control things you cannot. You’ll find a new sense of freedom in the process.
The inventive energy of Uranus sextile your Sun supports your creativity this year if your birthday is November 6th-11th.
Your unique talents and abilities work to your benefit and can give you the edge when it really counts. Your intuition guides you well now, if you’ll only listen.
If your birthday is November 9th-12th, you’re feeling more open to the beauty and power of love while Neptune sextiles your Sun. Through greater self-acceptance and forgiveness, you’re capable of surrendering many old guilts or resentments that have kept you from feeling truly loved. Express that love through reaching out to others, but also through making contact with your inner self.
It’s time to race the music if your birthday is November 12th-18th. Pluto travels in conjunction to your Sun, empowering you in ways you’ve not known before. You may be ready to probe into the deepest mystery of all: yourself. And when you emerge, you will feel whole. You accomplish this rebirth most easily when you seek the assistance of able counselors and facilitators, people who offer you both support and continued honesty.
You’re beginning this process of release and personal confrontation this year if your birthday is November 19th-22nd, but you’re not quite there yet. Use this year to build a solid security base, and try to avoid undermining your resources through frivolous actions or expenditures.

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