Horoscope Taurus 2020

Predictions Taurus 2020

You’re taking a careful look at your life direction during 2020 and have the opportunity to solidify your plans for long-term growth. You can put inspiring, creative ideas to work in practical ways, helping you to manifest greater success personally and professionally. As you open to the experience of a more vast sense of yourself, you also are finding positive ways to set limits and boundaries.
Jupiter’s transit in Virgo through October 10th supports your ability to make the most of your life circumstances. And there’s also excitement in the realm of creative expression. You’re ready to participate in activities that generate feelings of joy, and you possess a wonderful key: your ability to express the love that flows through your heart center. If you’re involved with children, their activities and needs shine the light of hope in your life. From a psychological standpoint, this year marks a period of embracing and accepting the needs of your own inner child.
The three Solar Eclipses this year emphasize your need to open your mind and express your ideas and ideals more fully. You may find yourself gradually reshaping your life philosophy, moving more toward assimilating a real sense of Higher Law and truth. Exploring ideas through travel, study or dialogue with others will expand your own experience of the world and your place in it.
If your birthday is April 20th-23rd, you’ve just come out of a cycle of powerful testing and ending; by keeping your priorities in focus, you’ll find that this year offers much more stability and less challenge to your ego. But it’s not a good idea to launch too many new projects; staying simple and direct affords your greatest support.
Saturn’s transit in Aquarius moves in dynamic square to your Sun if your birthday is April 24th-May 10th. This energy requires you to identify your priorities and examine your real motivations. Things which have outgrown their usefulness to your growth are ready to be released.
One of your deeper issues is in the realm of control: who has it? You may either feel too restricted by outside influences, or you may act in an excessively controlling manner toward others. Parental relationships are often at the core of tension in this cycle.
Innovative approaches to your life, love and purpose are supported this year while Uranus trines your Sun if you were born May 3rd-9th. You need to break out of your shell and allow yourself the luxury of expressing the real you. You will, of course, accomplish this within acceptable limitations since you’re also living with Saturn’s cycle to your Sun, so don’t worry about shocking the family just because you’ve decided to let your hair down!
But if there are some old issues with your family, this is just the time to emerge as a whole and powerful person in your own right. What needs to change the most is your attitude toward allowing yourself to be you.
If your birthday is May 6th-10th, you’re feeling a surge of forgiveness and compassion while Neptune trines your Sun. Any forms of creative or artistic expression are enhanced by this cycle. Foremost, however, is a strong sense of faith in yourself and your beliefs. Find consistent ways to surrender to your Higher Needs, and allow yourself time to get involved with projects that benefit others. The summer months are especially illuminating regarding the nature of love and compassion.
You’re living with the intensive power of Pluto opposing your Sun if your birthday falls between May 10th and May 16th. This cycle exposes many of your old fears, bringing issues to the surface you thought you’d never see again. You can think of this as a recurrent B-movie nightmare, or you can see this as a time to dump the melodrama and find out why you’re still punishing yourself for something that’s long been dead. Self-awareness is not just a luxury for you—it’s absolutely necessary. You have a chance to be reborn and start life anew. Allow yourself the luxury of support, and realize the true power emerging from deep within.
If you were born May 17th-21st, you’re working on preparation for change. The last quarter of the year stimulates strong action on your part and gives you a tremendous chance to network with the right people at the right time. This support network will be invaluable in the years immediately ahead.

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