Horoscope Virgo 2020

Predictions Virgo 2020

The last year marks a year of strength, confidence and cooperation for you. This is your time to fine tune your creative talents and gain recognition for your applied efforts.
You don’t have to stand alone facing the challenges. Along with those who share your interests and offer their support, you can accomplish the realization of important dreams.
There are three Solar Eclipses this year helping you increase your awareness of the power of love and creativity. Surrendering to your need to give and receive love, you’ll find that many doors open. You may become more involved in the lives of children, either through your own family or through interaction with the vitality of youth. It’s also an exceptional time to be aware of your own inner child and to accept the gifts this part of you has to offer.
Jupiter transits in Virgo from January through October 10th, bringing the magic of its beneficent protection into your life.
Through connecting with your own sense of trust and optimism, you’ll find that you can accomplish things you felt were out of your grasp before. This period is related to a cycle which occurred 12 years ago, and you’re now reaping the reward for things you began then. Be careful, though, because it’s easy to deplete your resources through overindulgence or extravagance during this cycle.
If your birthday is August 23rd-28th, you don’t have excessive obstacles, but you may have a tendency to leave your creative potential undeveloped. This may be an exciting time, but watch for the trap of wasting some precious energy by failing to seize significant opportunities to express your feelings of love.
You feel the agitation of Saturn quincunx your Sun if your birthday is August 28th-September 12th. This cycle may undermine your health. Rather than feeling drained, find positive ways to improve your health habits and grow stronger, especially if all you have to do is approach your life in a more holistic fashion. You’re working hard
this year and need some “stress-busters” such as massages, mini-vacations and reliable associates.
If your birthday is September 5th-l 1 th, you’re enjoying a burst of creative inspiration this year while Uranus trines your Sun. This is the time to express who you really are and to experience acceptance and appreciation from others for your worth. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to make a break or change your lifestyle, this is it. You’re in especially good shape to seek advancement or recognition in your career from mid-July through mid-August.
Neptune’s transit trines your Sun if your birthday is September 8th-12th, increasing your sensitivity to finer vibrations and stimulating your imagination. Dreams can become reality, but you’ll have to do the work while surrendering your hopes to your Higher Needs. This is an exceptional time of forgiveness and acceptance and can bring magnificent healing to old emotional trauma. Embrace that innocent part of you that needs support, and be ready for a miracle.
If your birthday is September 12th-18th, you’re feeling the power of change that comes from what you no longer need. Pluto’s transit sextile your Sun offers you a time of penetrating insight into your behavior and needs. This can also be a remarkable period for your career growth since you’ll find others seeking your advice and insight on a regular basis. Your experience gives you the edge, and you have a chance to develop some of the ideas that can make the difference and bring long-term stability.
If your birthday is September 19th-22nd, you’re experiencing a year of preparation. Many things once obstacles no longer stand in your way; you can move ahead with greater confidence toward making your life what you want it to be.

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