Horoscope Aries 2021

Predictions Aries 2021

You can make significant progress this year, particularly if you maintain focus on your most significant aims. By applying creativity to your work, you not only gain greater enjoyment, but are also likely to receive recognition that can advance your reputation and opportunities. Your spiritual focus also expands this year through a stronger connection to your inner self. Challenges loom ahead, and your positive attitude toward dealing with them brings a powerful fire to your spirit.
Saturn completes its cycle in Aries this year, marking the end of a three-year period of stabilization and testing. Establishing your priorities is still important and if you have adopted an attitude of responsibility, honesty, and realistic expectation, then you can experience steady growth. During the last two years, you’ve also run into the areas in your life that show deficiencies and this is the time to fill them. Whether you need more experience or education or if you’re simply proving your value through hard work, this is the year to fill in the gaps and establish a firm position. You’re discovering the importance of self-discipline and making choices that are meaningful to you.
Jupiter moves into the sign of Pisces on February 4th, where it will remain throughout 2021. Influencing your need to develop a real trust of your inner self, this cycle of Jupiter allows you to amplify your awareness of the spiritual plane. Since Jupiter is traveling through the Twelfth House of your solar chart, you also gain greater awareness of your past and may spend more time reflecting on the events in your life that have led up to the present moment. But instead of getting stuck in what was, you can take an objective look and are ready to release yourself from situations
that were once important so that you can move on. This is the inner work necessary before you experience the outreach and broader exposure you will experience next year. The rule for success is to do the inner work now that will help you find and strengthen your sense of confidence by establishing a true spiritual base, then you’ll be ready for the continued opportunities that arise next year.
The eclipses during 2021 bring your attention to spiritual and creative endeavors. Since this underscores the influences you’re experiencing through the cycles of Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus, you will feel most comfortable with your life when you have determined the best ways to incorporate spirituality into your everyday life.
Trying to separate the experience of spiritual awareness from your regular life will seem futile, since your goal now is to know the feeling of integrating your inner awareness with your actions and efforts in the outside world. Your relationships are also part of this equation, and you may finally be able to allow a spiritual connection to those who share your heart. Giving love can be easier, since you are growing closer to the source of compassion, which can now flow readily through your own heart.

Horoscope 2021