Horoscope Cancer 2021

Predictions Cancer 2021

Opportunities to broaden your horizons abound this year! Clarifying your goals while looking toward a brighter future allows you to reach for the stars from a stable platform. But you also have to concentrate on letting go of some of your old attachments, particularly those emotional ties that no longer support your growth. Changes in your work environment may also stimulate a need to make some adjustments that will allow you to move out of discordant or nonproductive cir-cumstances and into situations that offer a chance to exercise your imagination and creativity.
With Jupiter transiting in Pisces during 2021, you’re experiencing wonderful benefits from activities like travel, education, and cultural exchange.
Political or legal situations can also play a marked role in your life this year. If you’ve been looking for a good time to expand your business or promote an idea that is personally meaningful, it has finally arrived. Jupiter is influencing your solar Ninth House, and the realms of publishing, higher education, philosophical and religious ideals, and international interchange can be featured elements of your life now. You may be drawn into more high-profile situations, and if you take advantage of your increased recognition in the most positive sense, you may be able to use your influence to stimulate positive changes. It’s easy to enjoy life during this cycle, which increases your capacity for joy and strengthens your sense of personal confidence. Just be sure you don’t become overly confident, particularly in situations that call for both confidence and hard work.
Saturn’s transit begins its three-year influence in your solar Eleventh House, indicating that you need to take a careful look at your long-range goals and focus your aims on the things you really want and need from life. With both Neptune and Uranus influencing your solar Eighth House, you’re also gaining insights into your deeper psychological motivations, and may become more interested in metaphysical subjects and the development of your psychic abilities.
The eclipses of the Sun and Moon draw your attention to several important issues. The solar eclipse on February 26th emphasizes your need to develop a link between your mentality and spirituality by opening your consciousness to the realm of the Higher Mind, and you’ll gain some important insights into the way your mind operates.
This is an excellent time to focus your mental energy on the changes you want to accomplish in your life, and to allow this realm of consciousness to work to your benefit. The lunar eclipse on March 12th can stimulate an important period of self- awareness, and is an excellent cycle for becoming aware of your inner voice.
The Moon’s eclipse on August 7th helps you become more aware of your emotional attachments, while the Sun’s eclipse on the 21 st pulls your concentration to your value systems. Yet another lunar eclipse on September 6th provides an exceptional time to pay attention to your emotional reactions to the changes you began during the February solar eclipse. All in all, these eclipse cycles challenge you to develop a more positive way of strengthening your personal worth.

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