Horoscope Gemini 2021

Predictions Gemini 2021

Although some of your old ideologies may be tested, the challenge to open to a more innovative understanding of life makes the experience quite worthwhile. The changes you encounter during the year stem from your need to release the things you’ve outgrown, although you may also find new avenues for self-expression that were previously unavailable to you. A long period of heightened awareness begins during 2021, and as a result of the inner connection you discover your life can become much more fascinating.
During Jupiter’s transit in Pisces this year, your focus on expanding your career options is powerful. Opportunities that opened during the last year can be an excellent boost to your reputation, and you’re also discovering that you expect more from yourself as a result. It’s time to promote yourself and your abilities, and to let the world know you’re there. But you also need to remember your limitations in the process, since just blowing your own horn without refining your talents can be a bit irritating to those who have to listen to the concert.
The primary thing to remember with Jupiter influencing the Tenth House of your solar chart is that your reputation can grow, and whether that reputation is based on outstanding accomplishments or notorious blun-ders is up to you.
Saturn influences your solar Eleventh and Twelfth houses this year.
Since you’ve probably been striving to clarify your long- range goals, your efforts center on putting those goals in place. By the summer, when Saturn moves into your solar Twelfth House, you may encounter obstacles you had not foreseen, although these are usually centered on your own internal resistance to some type of change. Granted, changes are usually easy for you once you have a good idea about how they work, but your deep psychological anxieties will test your ability to use your basic mutability in the most positive manner.
Use this time to get a preview of your inner changes that will carry you into the new millennium. This year provides another chance to refine goals, eliminate those obstacles from your path, and manifest a stable platform for your personal and professional growth.
The outer planets — Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto—provide a strong stimulus that enhances your creativity and strengthens your sense of individuality.
You’re seeing real miracles in your life as a result of your ability to concentrate your awareness and mental ingenuity on the things that are in harmony with your higher needs. However, the solar and lunar eclipses will test your vision during 2021. Those tests arise from your old emotional programming and your desire to please those whose approval seems to endorse your personal worth.
It’s one thing to have support from those who understand your aims and endeavors, and another to alter your self-expression to gain that support. On other levels, you are also gaining a more profound awareness of the importance of discriminating between false value systems and embracing those traditions and values you’ve learned from your family that still form an important part of your identity.
That’s like the case of a zebra trying to change his stripes. Removing those things from your identity that are not appropriate or applicable to your personal growth is necessary, but trying to run away from who you are will be impossible.

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