Horoscope Taurus 2021

Predictions Taurus 2021

Keeping your balance this year can be a struggle, since you’re challenged to maintain your focus while dealing with changes in the world around you. Sorting through the illusions perpetuated by a greedy society while staying connected to your deeper values can be a rather illuminating process for you during 2021. In. that process, you may discover a new meaning in life.
The influence of Jupiter’s transit in Pisces this year is centered on your need to create and manifest goals that lift your spirits while elevating your standard of living. You may even find that some of your goals have absolutely nothing to do with the material side of life, but that you are paying more attention instead to experiencing a quality of life that is connected to more profound goals that influence the world around you. This is a wonderful year to develop associations with friends and others whose interests mirror your own.
You may also be prompted to work with your community or professional associates to create opportunities to benefit the collective in some way. (You’re a part of that collective society yourself, too!) On the material level, the effects of Jupiter’s transit can definitely improve your finances, although the rewards of increased confidence and optimism can actually be further-reaching than the limitations of the material plane.
Saturn moves into Taurus during the third quarter of 2021, giving you a preview of the tests you’ll be experiencing through the year 2000. You’ll be much happier with your life if you have a clear set of priorities when you step into the next millennium, and this is the time to clear away the debris and excess that could inhibit your ability to maintain those priorities. This energy can slow your progress a bit, but within that framework is a sure and steady
pace. This is the cycle that allows you to build solid foundations and lasting commitments, but you must make choices that echo your deepest needs if you are to feel happy with the structures you build now. The period in which Saturn conjuncts your Sun will provide your most profound tests, and that is determined by your exact date of birth.
The eclipses of the Sun and Moon during 2021 emphasize your needs to balance the give-and-take experiences of life, and also provide a key to your feelings about what you require to feel truly secure and stabilized. Your creativity may also be enhanced, providing more opportunities to use your talents to enhance the quality of your life. Your awareness of the impact of your philosophical and spiritual leanings is becoming quite clear, and if you are to change anything that will fundamentally alter your sense of meaning and purpose, it will begin through developing your link to higher consciousness and unconditional acceptance of yourself and others. These changes can create a bridge between your previously held ideals and a more tolerant attitude toward the diversity that reflects the beauty of life.

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