Leo as friend


Madonna is Leo.

The problem with Leo friends is they’re likely to be too generous and giving. They often deny their buddies the satisfaction of feeling friendship is a two-way affair. This is not so much related to the things money can buy. Leo’s friendship is not as smothering as Cancer’s can be. It’s just apt to be overwhelming!
Of course, we’re talking about the developed Leonine character. The immature type is too bossy and brash to hold friends for long. But even the openhanded and magnanimous Leo often has to realize it’s possible to kill or at least mar a friendship with overdoses of well-intended goodwill. This is likely to include handing out good advice. Neither the Lion nor the Lioness can resist giving his or her opinion whether it has been asked for or not.

Make no mistake, though, Leos are true and tried friends. And they usually manage to attract companions who are also generous and kind. This is indeed fortunate because these are the only people with whom they can have any reasonably good kind of relationship.
These proud and usually commanding characters demand a great deal of respect, applause and loyalty from their pals. Worldly gifts are nothing to them in comparison. Anyone who’s not something of an admirer won’t be calling a Leo friend for long.

Leos really believe all that talk about being King of the Jungle. They tend to gather around them friends who are their intellectual equals but emotionally dependent on them. They enjoy holding court, giving good advice here, solving someone’s problems there. When they can smile on their friends and feel like big mommy or daddy, they are happy. In adversity, although they are unlikely to admit it, they need their buddies desperately.
If you’re a friend of a Leo, you probably enjoy showing off a bit too. You have probably noticed that this intensely competitive character will stay in his or her seat as long as you are not getting all the attention. If that happens, you can bet the Lion will think up something to steal the spotlight.

Leo people are rather fixed and one-pointed in their ideas and aspirations. They therefore find restless types with many interests fascinating but vaguely unsettling. These comrades disturb Leo’s enormous self-assurance that he’s on the right track, and force him to examine his goals and wishes more closely. He usually recovers his equilibrium (which means his self-confidence) fairly quickly, but for a time he may be confused. Friends like this actually do Leo a service by breaking down some of his rigid ideas and shaking his complacency. He needs to learn he can’t be right all the time.

Leo people can get mixed up in dubious company and often their friends have to extricate them. They are not great judges of character at first meeting. They may fall for flattery and insincere gestures, particularly if these have a touch of glamour. In this way, so-called friends and casual acquaintances manage to penetrate their guard and make chumps of them. Oddly, they are seldom offended by people who try to get favors out of them by phony compliments.

Both the Leo man and woman have strong personal magnetism and make loads of friends. Many of their buddies are apt to be prominent in government and community circles. Some of their friendships last a lifetime. They like to entertain their pals at home as well as at popular nightspots.
Leo usually establishes one or two lasting friendships with people from abroad.
Come what may, neither the Lion nor the Lioness will ever let a friend down.