Leo Solar Sign


Leos start life with a grand vision of spirituality, a sense that they’re divinely chosen. As they mature, they lose much of the memory of that dream. They’re usually in a home with a sick or absent father, so they venture away from the nest to reclaim what they feel is missing. It’s important to clarify that the actual father may have been an amazing man, but Leos enter the world with a propensity to see him as not enough—lacking in encouragement, support, or strength—and as a result, they set off to find this paternal feeling that they long for, not yet realizing that it’s deep within them.
Everything outside of Leo natives becomes a potential dad: an audience who loves them, a mate who dotes on them, or a co-worker who looks forward to seeing them. Leos respond to the outside world in an attempt to find acceptance because they have none on the inside.
To us it looks like arrogance because Leos can appear self-absorbed, never saying thanks, expecting to be nurtured, and going into full pout mode if they don’t get what they want.
But what’s really going on is the search for admiration, love, and the kind of support they didn’t experience; and it may take a lifetime for them to realize that the appreciation they so desperately want must come from within.
Sooner or later, they’re going to have to face a disapproving world and still have something inside them that reaffirms that they’re beautiful just the way they are. In other words, the father within must come forward.
Leos are a most generous sign, with that charismatic fire energy that’s very benevolent and caring. They often have the loudest, most contagious laugh that sounds like it’s coming from a jolly king.
Fixed signs (Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, and Taurus
) are inherently loyal. Because they’re Fixed, they do nothing fast—including relationships. It takes Leos a while to let you in, but once you’re accepted, they’re always happy to see you. It’s an instant reassurance to them that you approve.
Remember: Leos love drama, and most of your time together will be passionate. Whether it’s flowers they bring you, a restaurant they suggest, or the stories they tell you … the happier they are, the more the excitement will fly.
The purpose of drama is to entertain, and they do this very well.
These Lions’ Fixed natures make them ferociously committed and possessive, and they’ll do anything to protect their pride and all its members.
They aren’t afraid to take in a spontaneous movie and delight in cooking an outrageous feast for the whole family.
They tend to be extremely proud of those close to them, even though they often forget to tell these people so directly.
Remember that flattery is gold, so don’t falsely compliment them, because that will be perceived as lying and they’ll catch you—they’re built for it! When your Leo gets hurt, you can expect a cold spell for a while; and when they’re angry, it’s loud and scary, but over fast.