Libra as friend


Serena Williams is Libra.

Libra natives need to belong. Friendship is as essential to them as breathing. But their alliances often seem much more intimate than is actually the case. Libra don’t, as a rule, form deep, soul-stirring friendships. The agony and the ecstasy are usually missing. Friendship to them is a dignified and entertaining way of ensuring they are seldom alone or isolated.
Libra is the Sign of partnership. And as far as Libra are concerned, there’s no essential difference between a marriage and a fraternal partnership. The reason for this is they are idealists, not sensualists. To them, a lover is first a friend.

Libra seldom give themselves entirely in any liaison. Always they hold a vital bit in reserve which gives them an appearance of slight formality, the discretion that says: “Not too close, please.” This discretion, with their other positive attributes, makes them interesting and desirable companions; nothing is quite so irresistible as that which entices but gently demurs.
Libra people are charming, easygoing, polite and terribly diplomatic. They want everyone they meet to love them, to want them as a friend— everyone, that is, except bullying, aggressive, course types, who literally make them ill if they are forced to remain in their company for any length of time.

Libra, as most people know, is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty and harmony, and these are the essential qualities that Libra look for in all their relationships. Wherever they work, live or play, they gravitate toward that which is artistic, elegant and pleasing. Their favorite companions are those who are skilled in the creative or fine arts or who have an appreciation or specialized knowledge of them. Libra people themselves are often talented in these ways and may go into partnerships with friends as color consultants, interior decorators, designers, hair stylists and other occupations connected with beauty and beautifying.

They love entertaining, dressing up and visiting friends in their homes. Their manner as guest or host is gracious and amusing. Often their friends are among the most influential and socially prominent people in town.
Libra friends will do all they can to bring new and interesting people into their circle. Often they are responsible for making romantic matches for others. They delight in seeing people enjoying themselves.

These mentally active and self-expressive individuals are a bit moody and unpredictable. Sometimes when their guard is down, they become critical, sharp and quick to anger. However, they recover their balance quickly. After all, their symbol is the Scales.
They have a fiery sense of dignity and justice. Any companion who unfairly attacks an underdog in their presence can expect a stinging rebuke. Libra men and women believe wholeheartedly in the brotherhood of man. But when it comes to actually doing something about it, they’re frequently missing, because, as a rule, they are too fond of comfort and ease to embrace unnecessary effort.
These individuals are delightful companions, but they do have a way of using their friends to get what they want out of life.