Libra is the only sign on the Zodiac wheel that’s represented by an inanimate object: the Scales. This sign brings in the season of autumn, which is what makes it a member of the Cardinal family.
The element it carries is Air, but this doesn’t mean flighty or spacey. On the contrary, signs with this motive carry the gift of the mind and have the ability to understand and see life objectively—without emotional influence. Perhaps this is one of Libra’s greatest gifts, as represented by the inanimate quality of the Scales: the ability to judge without prejudice and with absolute impartiality.
Libras have a fascination with human beings, and this is common to all Air signs. People are complex—made up of myriad mysteries—and nothing is more captivating to those of this sign than an opportunity to dive into someone’s inner world without having to get too involved.
With an unbiased eye, Libras can find the good in anyone; and when they focus on what’s remarkable about someone, then that part of the person seems to be drawn out.
There are a lot of identifying marks that give away those born under this Venus-ruled sign: they often have dimples, a great smile, and inner and outer beauty—all of which make them safe for most people to approach.
Libras seem to love interactions, parties, or gatherings of any kind where they’re free to engage in multiple conversations. Being Air, they don’t like things to get heavy or ugly, preferring pleasant exchanges ranging in subject matter from the weather to current fashions.
The motive is to engage you, explore who you are, and get you to exchange any thoughts or ideas with them. As long as Libras are allowed to feel connected, they’re happy.
Libras need relationships, and if you’ve chosen to be involved with one, then you’ve passed the first two tests: you’ve shown independence (they need the challenge of getting to know you) as well as attractiveness (you must fulfill some external beauty requirements).
These social beings love to stir up conversations and keep a schedule of upcoming activities they’ll be attending. And you’ll most likely be required to attend as well: they love people and showing off their goods, their partners among them! Although the world will see their charm, they’ll save some of the more colorful parts of themselves for your eyes as they become comfortable with you. The good and bad news is that you’ll be trusted to see the less attractive parts of them.
At home, your Libra partner will let their hair down and talk more honestly with you than anyone else. If the phone rings as things start getting a bit heated in one of your discussions, they can turn on their charming Libra voice and offer the caller no indication that anything is wrong … without blinking an eye.
If you need your Libra to side with you, there’s no greater or more effective tool than reverse psychology. Remember that your Libra is fair and must tilt the scales in the direction of balance, so if you’re explaining why you’re right, they will, with sheer brilliance, explain why you’re wrong.

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