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Steve Jobs was Pisces.

The surreal life of a Piscean usually begins at birth. There’s a close tie to the mother, who finds her connection with the child to be deep. The young Fish often feels a reciprocal bond with Mom and will genuinely understand all of her inner feelings of isolation, insecurity, and unhappiness; and conversely, her joys, celebrations, and intimacies.
Pisceans must constantly battle to stay connected with the self. The fluidity that exists within them can be overwhelming, and they compensate for this by turning on the mind and identifying with outside thoughts just to avoid the chaos on the inside.

Of course, this kind of denial will backfire, and they’ll eventually find themselves drawn to individuals or circumstances that pull them into their feelings again—often in an unfriendly way.
On a deep level, Pisceans live with two opposite parts of themselves (all Mutable signs have a duality): one side feels divine and connected to all that’s holy; and the other feels conniving, mean, and attached to evil. The symbol of the yin and yang characterizes the opposing yet similar forces at work inside those born under this complex sign.
Regardless of their identification with these components, they feel the inner conflict and must make an effort every day to flex the muscle of discipline to create appropriate limits for themselves.

These Fish have no boundaries, so they can easily float into your reality and see life from your perspective without ever realizing it. Lacking confines or a center, they have no way of knowing where home is, so it’s important that they take the time to release the absorptions of the day. Whether it’s through a shower, a bath, or a long walk, they need to find the part of them within that’s the source in their lives.
Relationships with Pisceans can be interesting and romantic, but there’s a strong probability that they’re working out some sort of theme.

Its topic could involve a mother/child, master/slave, or protector/ defender; the range of possibilities is infinite, but one will be present. Those born under this sign are personal yet archetypal, and if you visit them while they’re in a relationship, you’ll be able to feel that something is going on between them and their partner, but you’ll probably have no idea what it is.
These Fish can be extremely romantic, with eyes like watery pools peering deep within your soul. They’re looking to merge with you—and, like it or not, they will. It’s not uncommon for them to take up your interests with a genuine fascination. You can expect your Pisces partner to be moody, obsessive, and unusually messy … unless, of course, you prefer neat living quarters.