Pisces as friend


Liza Minnelli is Pisces.

Pisces people are always looking for the perfect friend; naturally, they are frequently disillusioned. Their problem is they have an ideal of friendship that often is beyond the capacity of any human being to fulfill. They expect too much. When they don’t get the impossible, they tend to lose active interest in that particular person. Not that they would ever “disown” someone they have called a friend. They are aware of their irrational expectations, and in any case, possess a superb sense of loyalty. They simply push those who “fail” them gently to the back of their mind and keep on searching for the impossible.

Love and friendship are not easy for the Pisces person to maintain in separate compartments. It’s too often both together or nothing.
They loathe being alone—and yet, they must have periods of seclusion. This is one of the qualities of their nature that new acquaintances are apt to find confusing.
They enjoy stimulating company and can work themselves into a near-frenzy of excitement. Yet, the next day, they may be withdrawn, almost self-reproachful, unable to face those with whom they have shared such fun and comradeship. This disturbing emotional turbulence is a subjective experience only the Piscean is really familiar with. So when the phone or doorbell rings, they answer and are able to respond naturally and charmingly—though quietly—to their friend. There is much of the instant actor or actress in these strange and gentle people.

Pisceans sometimes choose their friends unwisely. They get carried away with their enthusiasm for contact and sharing. They start sympathizing and confiding before they know where they are, or more importantly, before they’ve bothered to assess the caliber of their companions. In personal relationships, they tend to think things will improve, even when experience has taught them just the opposite.

A Pisces friends are almost certain to be artistically inclined. They just can’t tolerate heavy or coarse company. They themselves are highly and prolifically artistic. Although they may not be accomplished in any of the arts as such, they have a way of inspiring those who are.
There are not many Pisceans who have not poured their sensitive feelings into writing poems at some time or other. But it will be a very dear friend indeed, as a rule, who has the privilege of reading them because poems will be quickly destroyed by these oddly self-critical people.

Pisces individuals have a great gift for making those around them happy—except when they are trying to turn a friendship into a romance in their own imagination. Then they may be cloying and just too, too obliging and loving.
These people are wonderful at entertaining and making their friends feel deliciously at home. Pleasing others pleases Pisces most.