Sagittarius as friend


David Carradine was Sagittarius.

Sagittarius natives are wonderful companions. Light hearted, witty and extremely intelligent, they make and attract friends from all levels of society. They have a passion for experimenting with life, for traveling as widely and as often as possible—and people enjoy the adventure of tagging along with them for a time. There’s seldom a dull moment when these good-humored individuals are around. They adore novelty and jump from experience to experience with a lust for living that may leave less strenuous types bewildered and breathless.

Yet they can be intensely serious. Their love of fun, uncomplicated manner and tendency to clown constitute only one-half of their nature. This half has undeniable appeal and makes Sagittarius one of the most popular of the zodiacal types. But these people are deeply interested in the problems of their fellow man and will support all kinds of projects aimed at making his life easier and freer.

The Sagittarius’s closest companions are usually like him- or herself. They never tie each other down—the link is pure comradeship. Sagittarians manage to divide their time without conflict between the serious and lighter sides of existence. Their energy and enthusiasm are exuberantly boundless.

The above characteristics describe the positive and mature type of person born under this Sign. The negative type manages to distort the higher qualities into odd but still recognizable shapes. For a start, he or she is a boisterous kind of individual who lives mainly for a good time and attracts shallow, showy friends of similar temperament. Negative Sagittarians also eat and drink excessively, make promises they have no intention of honoring, can’t resist gambling and usually are chronically in debt. Because of their innate magnetism, these people can be a bad influence on others. Their levity and contempt for responsibility may appear glamorous; the young, especially, may admire and imitate their swashbuckling freedom.

Even the higher types of this Sign need occasionally to restrain their exuberance and impulsiveness where pleasure is concerned. The party life and all forms of revelry can be irresistible. Even the serious, high-minded and respected Sagittarius, a pillar of his community or the business world, can suddenly break out and land himself and his friends in embarrassing and ridiculous situations that are impossible to explain in the light of day.

Although the Sagittarius’s breezy manner may suggest unconcern for what others think of him, his conscience pricks him painfully and he will always try to make amends in some way.
These people are generous and sincere friends. Their intimates respect their outspoken honesty and high ideals regarding the treatment of others. They love their freedom and independence and will never, even in a position of judicial power, deprive another of his liberty without deep soul-searching.
Sagittarians try to give their friends the benefit of their experience by taking a personal interest in their problems and endeavoring to offer solutions. Their hospitality, kindness and open-handedness with money is usually legendary among their intimates.