All Sagittarians create a Hero, or thorn in their sides, in the form of a job, spouse, or cause. The Archers are trying to recognize that there’s a downside to being omnipotent: boredom. They love the quest for truth—the kind that thrills you and takes your breath away. Being of the Fire motive, they have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge; and live in a magical realm of myths, kings, queens, and knights.
Those born under this sign are known for carrying a symbolic bow and quiver on their backs that represent the arrows of truth. This can be seen in action when they’ve decided to offer their opinion about something.
The part of the Centaur that’s eternal is the horse, suggesting that Sagittarians have the ability to reach into this immortality and find magic to bring to the physical world.
As a healer, Chiron reflects the innate ability of many born under this sign to cure—whether through traditional means as a doctor or by alternative practices as an herbalist. Sagittarians have a remarkable gift that looks miraculous when used to support others. Bright, witty, and full of fun, these Centaurs of the Zodiac must learn to apply their healing hands to themselves and look within for the revelation that they’re sure exists only outside of them.
Sagittarians aren’t eager to settle down, which is why they often unconsciously create circumstances that force relationships on them. Pregnancy, financial support, and even depression are common reasons that press them into long-term commitments. Of course, many find it perfectly okay to engage in a monogamous relationship, but unless there’s a reason to stay other than love, it’s hard to find one of these Archers who is willing to risk that kind of fear.
If you’re beginning a relationship with a Sagittarius, be aware that they will always be active. Perhaps they want to go to night school to learn more secrets of the universe, or maybe they’re the escape to the movies type.
Some of them will even be comfortable enough to stay at home, but they’ll most likely have a book in their hands or something that induces learning. Travel is to them what food is to a Taurus; it gives them comfort and a way to sense the expansiveness of the universe.
As for lovemaking, your Sagittarius may be wild in bed, but don’t expect a little cuddly-wuddly afterward. Chances are that when they’re done, they’re off to read, or watch a good movie. Sex serves as an outlet for the immense amount of pent-up energies that they store.
This is a Zodiac sign that always wants more as a substitute for feeling the plenty they already have. If you keep your reins a bit tight, you may find that they respond better to pressure than to a long leash.
Don’t be afraid to be the Hero in this relationship, because your Sagittarius partner is going to need to create resistance somewhere. That’s the only way they’ll stop and use their magic on themselves and their loved ones.
You can let your Sag escape into their mythological world, and may even be invited to join them. But when it starts to get in the way of their job or other responsibilities, you might have to deliver a firm wake-up call.

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