Scorpio as friend


Bo Derek is Scorpio.

Scorpio people can be the most demanding friends of all. They are basically loners, they won’t share their feelings and they want everything their way. They expect their friends to be as intense about their interests as they are. If not, they’re out. A Scorpio doesn’t have a friend around unless he or she has something to give.
As harsh as this sounds, it’s the key to the extraordinary personality of the pure Scorpio type. Fortunately, the pure type is always modified by other factors in the horoscope, although the essential framework remains.

It is not easy for Scorpio to attract true friends because he and she doesn’t have a great need for them. And what is not needed, normally becomes expendable under stress.
But Scorpio generally does have a compulsive desire to satisfy the sex drive, which is intensely strong in him or her. This drive in this remarkable Sign may go to the opposite extreme and propel Scorpio, still alone, to the self-denying heights of mystical experience. But usually the Scorpio man or woman directs libidinal energies in one way or another into love. So he or she needs a lover, and will serve or treat that person according to that need.

So what is it that Scorpio needs in a friend? An echo of his or her own idea, a sounding board, a captive audience? The problem is, Scorpio’s friends usually need Scorpio, and this places them in a most unenviable position.
The Scorpio personality is intensely magnetic to some people; to others, it is exceptionally repulsive. Those who are attracted frequently have great feelings of love and devotion, which the Scorpio person probably does not require. To remain in his company, they must indulge this generally selfish, tyrannical, vindictive, suspicious, scheming, stubborn and quite often cruel and violent personality.

But, of course, there are always exceptions, produced by positive and favorable influences elsewhere in the chart. These more developed Scorpio types—when not emotionally aroused— are staunch and sympathetic friends. They will work and fight courageously on behalf of a comrade. Weaker companions often draw inspiration and strength from their dauntless determination and patience.
However, when a Scorpio person encourages a friendship, it usually means he has an ulterior motive. For instance, he is likely to be a personal friend of his boss. He has an astonishing gift for weighing situations and seeing who will come out on top—and therefore is the best person to cultivate—in a future power struggle. His ability for intrigue is unmatched by any other zodiacal type, for there is no limit to his perfidy and wily patience when self-interest is involved.

The Scorpio person can passionately and devotedly serve a cause or a person he or she loves—and be just as violent in his or her hatred or loathing of either.
Scorpio seldom gives an opinion unless it’s asked for, and doesn’t accept the views of others without investigation.
If friendship is understood to be based on trust and sharing, Scorpio friendships do not have a lot going for them. Ask Scorpio, for he or she has that chilling, detached honesty that would probably agree.