Scorpio myths

Within this myth we find the constant reflection that Scorpio natives practice in an attempt to understand themselves. Imagine being immersed in the depths of the ocean—the real depths, the parts that humans have only fantasized about. The water is black, calm, and completely encompassing; and many things may come to mind while you’re floating there.
The dark abyss might cause you to envision being surrounded by powerful demons that live there; or you could possibly find these depths tranquil, holy, and serene, imagining a world where you are one of many, even though the others are invisible. Scorpio’s sentiments are very similar to these waters: they’re still and bottomless, and may conjure fearful thoughts or feelings of strength and peace.
Scorpios, by nature, have learned to pay attention to their deep emotions and use them to understand people. By becoming good listeners and investigators, they can begin to uncover hidden information about others, which allows them to feel normal and less guilty. These Scorpions learn to seek the truth and realize the value of secrets, which is why they’re magnets for everyone else.
Those born under this sign are trained to look below the surface and discover the lie in any situation—and they always seem to find it—so be as straightforward with them as you can. You don’t want your Scorpio finding out a secret years later; time knows no limits when honor is at stake.
Scorpios don’t base sexual attraction on the usual standards. On the contrary, they can only be attracted to you if it fits their psyche.
To them, there’s either chemistry or there isn’t—it’s black-and-white thinking. The critical piece that they must have in a relationship is honesty; it’s vital to them. Even if you don’t feel you’re getting the full scoop from them, always be sure to give it to them. They can detect a whopper and are smart enough to catch you with a test question.
When they’re hurt, Scorpios recall everything you ever did that wasn’t fair or nice, and they let you know about it. Try to remember that when they’re angry, they’ve been wounded, so in their mind it’s their turn to hurt you. Once this passes, they usually feel regret and embarrassment. Try to see these situations simply as opportunities for them to vent, because that’s probably what’s going on. They love deeply and loyally.