Taurus Solar sign


King Minos is a dramatic representation of the Taurus motive associating possessions with power. He so desperately believed that the bull would protect him by providing the security of wealth, and became so blinded by his desire to own, that he didn’t think rationally—he convinced himself that he could fool a god. Lack of thinking and a powerful desire are demonstrated throughout the life of the Taurus native.

Taurus are also born with an intense sensuality. Even as infants, they delight in hanging out in their bodies and observing the world. Most develop the reflective function much later than other people because they get all the information they need from their physical experience; they learn by doing, not by thinking. At some point, most parents grow worried that their Taurus child is developing too slowly and begin to add the element of agitation, hoping to move their son or daughter into reacting faster when in fact all they’re doing is creating unnecessary anxiety.

As adults, Taureans become quite opinionated about their personal possessions. They often come to realize that things can make them feel secure, and the higher the quality of their stuff, the more secure they feel.
If they aren’t connoisseurs in the kitchen, they’ll still have strong opinions about food. Many of the finest chefs in the world are of this sign or have strong Taurus placements in their charts.

The body type of the native of this sign is usually strong, with a large bone structure and pronounced neck (think Audrey Hepburn or Cher), but every now and then you meet one who is fragile and weak.
The indication is that this Bull hasn’t learned to be guided by his or her body and has turned to the mind for support, which is usually a survival response from childhood. An overtalkative Taurus has learned somewhere that it’s better to be active than receptive, taking a more difficult route to finding happiness.

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