Virgo as friend


Freddie Mercury was Virgo.

Virgo natives are not the easiest people to get close to. They may say they have many friends, but others are more likely to call these acquaintances. It’s not so simple for people born under the Sign of the Virgin to understand the profundity of real friendship, the emotional and sympathetic link that can’t be put into words. Virgos make friends largely at the intellectual level; the relationship has to make sense to them. Their personal alliances generally lack resilience.

This is not to say that these practical people don’t have numerous friends they can phone, visit and call upon for help at any time—and vice versa. But they are very choosy and don’t encourage friends who want to share intimate details because they resent all kinds of intrusion. They don’t intrude on others and they expect the same consideration. Virgo people enjoy good healthy relationships where there is open discussion of mutual interests. Their private affairs they consider sacrosanct. Only to an unusually compatible person of tried and trusted integrity will they confide. Here again, they don’t go looking for this type of person with whom to share their most intimate secrets.

You are most likely to find a Virgo friend among a group of people who share one of the many interests of these intelligent and discerning individuals. They are reserved and a little apprehensive at first meeting. They prefer to stay in the background until they get their bearings—which usually means a pretty acute summing up of everyone present.
Although quiet personalities, Virgos are certainly not dummies. In discussions, their shrewd and scholastic mind allows them to see the practicalities of a proposition in a flash. They speak up and people listen, for it is obvious they are being constructive even though critical.

People with similar interests usually take a liking to Virgos. They might be a bit severe in their outspokenness, but they are refreshingly honest. In fact, honesty is one of their most impressive characteristics. People always know where they stand with them. They are both conscientious and idealistic.

Frequently, however, Virgo individuals break with their friends over differences of opinion. Whereas other types may be able to ignore a divergence of fundamental views with a fast friend, Virgo men and women can’t—as a rule. For as long as possible, they will tolerate such a situation, but eventually their own nature compels them to force a showdown. They must get to the bottom of things. Their minds insist on a logical analysis. It’s the principle that counts. And so friendship, that indefinable thing, too often flies out the window.
Some of Virgo’s closest friends are met through sporting and outdoor activities. They are not the rough-and-tumble type, but are keenly aware of the need to keep fit through exercise and plenty of fresh air. Most of their buddies share their absorbing interest in diet and food.

When Virgos do choose a pal, they are scrupulously honest in the relationship. They won’t tolerate another person talking behind their friend’s back. They will always come out into the open and confront you if they have any grievances. They are honorable people and can be depended on to do the correct thing.