Within this little story is the picture of someone who wanted to be of service, to live in the midst of perfection, and who felt the frustration of caring more for others than they cared about themselves. Eventually, she left to be alone, feeling that she somehow failed. The dear heart of Virgo is often plagued with profound self-criticism. The curse of finding the flaw in everything is feeling obliged to fix it.

This flaw finder isn’t limited to the world outside of Virgos, because it’s even worse when aimed at themselves. The inner critic is evidenced in what appears to be a cynicism about life. You can almost feel their caution as they navigate a world that—on a soul level—they left, hurt and disgusted, a long time ago.
To most of us, crime, disease, and cruelty are things that exist in all walks of life. But to Virgos, they’re part of the flaw, and people of this sign can’t let go of that fact. It’s one of their greatest gifts but also one of their most unfortunate curses.

It seems ridiculous to them to eat in a place where you can’t see the kitchen, to enter a building where the air-conditioning can transport a germ to every nook and cranny, or to spend hours preparing the self to enter the world only to find that when you get to your destination, your clothes are wrinkled and your hair is a mess. Frugality is born of this very thought.
The self-torture that drives Virgos is the desire for perfection, and this is fueled by a tireless mind seeking a way to stop. The heart of the Virgo dilemma is that they’re trying to find the rules for living in a world that’s random and chaotic. They’re constantly seeking the simplicity of the golden days by trying to fix everything that’s wrong with the current moment.

Some would say that the phrase Virgo relationship is an oxymoron. It’s true that Virgos love their time alone and could likely spend the extent of their days on Earth cloistered in their homes because that’s not a painful thing for them. There are no messes (save their own) to clean up, and once the place is put in order, it stays that way.
Although Virgos pay much lip service to living by themselves, it’s important to remember the duality that exists within them: for every stance on an argument they take, there’s another side of them saying the opposite.

So yes, there is a side to this sign that loves companionship and relating to others. Virgos are generous with their time in a relationship, initially focusing most of their attention on their partners and demonstrating strength as the support people.
As time goes on, they start to withdraw into their world of solitude, but begin feeling guilty about this, so they often find something wrong with their partners until they get upset enough to withdraw—only now feeling less to blame for it. This in-and-out cycle is not uncommon for all of the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces), and is usually just accepted as an aspect of their personality.

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